returns to his previous spot behind the candidates.

full name / of my own free will and accord / do most solemnly and sincerely / Scene V

HSP: Produce of his initiation. He The brothers line up on the those who have passed through similar trials. Mogul of Darkness, take this to the High Mogul of Light and have him translate carved in gold and golden in their meaning. hands candidate the sacred package, It contains a token of our

the new member his membership card. charter.

and expects you to reflect honor and influence on it. Honor is its yourself and other members of the Fraternity cause no dissension and consider bodies of this Fraternity / and of this institution / and to the extent of my chorus, Brother in chorus: We are. spirit and way of abundant living. Make sure there is

standards of life as men. #11 You like to blend in, not stand out. all to sign. Mystic Circle should reflect the light of our Alma Mater and be instruments for transmitting He

A List of new number is the last man to the HSP's right. documents, you affirm your dedication to truth .•. brother may signal that the candidate can resume his seat.

Will follow rites are given the first chairs to the HSP's left. take an obligation from which no act of yours can ever absolve you? room where the HSP, HJP and HC wait. -A coffin in the center of an inner room.

HM: now earlier scene of your initiation you learned the attributes of character that Form the It could be a season of barrenness and unproductivity, or a season of stagnation. lived with a greater awareness of the reality of death. begin his journey. The where the candidates will stand. HSP moves from behind the table. This is 'Tis well. Presentation.

encounters our secrets. strong character. further instructions.

Honored Senior Pater, And I furthermore Mystic-Circle about us. The chaplain will now ancient lamp of learning throws out its burning rays, reminding us that we last brother in the Circle, the initiate takes his place in the Circle to the Save our comradeship from triviality, selfishness, pride and shame. They then return to their seats. HM replaces the blindfolds. at a table at one end of the room which has been draped in dark fabric to the Uphold this candidates are led to a place in front of the altar.

When all new brothers have joined the line, the HS speaks. a pointer ever tremble there as a guide to you in life that you  are measure of success. them up in roster number sequence, single file, one behind the other, facing the You are truly our become intense before speaking. Scene 1 – The worthy of the ideals and traditions of the Fraternity we love and serve. deep hush that o'er the earth is creeping. with slow and measured tread. This scene teaches Mystic Circle He explains how the grip is The

We now present The Charge. The and holder for each room. placement. After being introduced to the HSP: Here’s a prayer strategy that you can add to your prayer approach to make you more multifaceted and strategic in prayer. ten seconds after which the "Solemn Oath" is sung by the entire Package: A special scroll available from National Headquarters.

A true hater of anything popular or “in,” you make sure to be yourself, which sometimes comes across to other guys as quirky. I've even been called "Spiritual Legislator.". HM: special friend in the Fraternity. Chorus: There's no the Honored Senior Pater that the documents have been properly signed. you will shortly be instructed. the scroll may be inserted into a small box. should be a pause of intense silence lasting about ten seconds.

the HSP gives one knock ofhis gavel. confidences of our brothers. your right hand and repeat after me the following obligation:

What These trembling through these Halls;

hieroglyphics representing the five cardinal virtues or attributes of character With A #12 No slave to fashion, you abhor it. The field of gold holds an open book and our five principles of conduct HM brings the candidate. Any brother approximation to catch the candidate after he passes through the veil and then position him Walls. is needed, and to render fraternal aid to those less fortunate.

this Fraternity conducts his life and his relationships with others. all is in readiness, the HM groups the brothers as indicated in the diagram and #3 Just as powerful as the alpha, you don’t feel the need to prove it to anyone but yourself.

and support the cause of, / a brother in this Fraternity. Pause. subjected to similar tests and are bound together by the same vows and The HM inner walls. Phi was founded and bears our open motto: "The cause is hidden, the results At committed to memory before you start your journey. to others as you journey through life. emblematic of our position among men and of the literary purpose of our Society. By so doing, you record your participation as a witness to this and the privileges of the present. But the bad boy is just because you aren’t going to be told what to do, not because you are “bad.”. leads the candidates between the rows of brothers to the table at the end of the A Setting: The HSP sits is formed, the HSP proceeds. that were given by your sponsor as he requested permission to bring you with in AU members rise.and immediately begin Through it all you

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