Also the Sipsey Wilderness portion is a good bet if you don't mind hiking, dragging and totin'. Facilities for camping, picnicking, fishing, hiking, and swimming are abundant. Hunting Company 463, consisting of “junior” enrollees from northern Alabama counties, established “Camp Joe Wheeler” (F-1) on May 26th at Cheatham Knob. In October of 1934, after a year and a half of suffering from an adequate supply of water, the camp at Cheatham Knob was abandoned. Campgrounds are open April through October and offer camping units with electrical and water hookups. Biologists will gather information to learn more about the species and its habitats on national forest lands. The 4-H Club boys from Franklin, Lawrence and Colbert counties rented the camping area in 1928. During all other seasons, hunt dates cover both zones. Email, Oakmulgee Ranger District All facilities are designed with forest users in mind and provide varying challenges for everyone from the novice to the expert. In R.C. The Clarke-McNary authorized the Forest Service to acquire lands beyond the headwaters of navigable streams. At the beginning of the 20th century, America’s commercial transportation was dependent upon navigable streams and rivers. In addition to the foresters from the Yale School of Forestry, some of the other men involved in the early development of the Alabama National Forest included John C. Forney, who worked as a Field Title Attorney in land acquisition. Yes, the sipsey wilderness is within the National forest. �X"y)E~� �pxla�yd vW ���dJ(�5�8 3��CE�0��Oŋ�� ���XL�$ �U(�AJzN2�Z?z�0���Sy�ڌΧ w,@ܝ��N���t��Q��Td�w�9�p���. The creation of the Alabama Purchase Unit authorized the Forest Service to purchase private land within the purchase unit area. The Sipsey offers outstanding opportunities for hiking, camping, hunting, and fishing. James David Ruble moved around in his Forest Service career. Andalusia, AL 36420 )� h�bbd```b``�"�@$�Q0[D2���g�Al��`��`��`�>0Y "�{@*��eKAl7��L��6YL~� ��̞&�������El��$��`�m�"$.�To0���f�e��,ދ�' ���f������*!� "ًA*[ �g �< f����ٟ����������X�~a`%GIj�|sq��g`~� � ! Company 3476, originally consisting of “junior” enrollees from Alabama and Georgia, had the camp finished by July 1, 1935. Between May and October of 1917, Loren L. Bishop, the acting Forest Supervisor of the National Forests in Florida, was put in charge of the Alabama Purchase Unit. The main gate will be open from 4 p.m. on Friday and remains open through the following week until 4 p.m. Sunday. Horseback riding is allowed on trails specifically designated for horses. The increasing popularity of Caney Creek Falls has resulted in overcrowding and parking access challenges. 140. 24481 Alabama Hwy 55 Email, Law Enforcement and Investigations Forest users will find that each area has its own personality and with the changing seasons, even that personality will change. Linwood Butler, District Ranger

However, hunters must camp in designated hunter’s camps and do not require camping permits. By the late 1920s more people were using the Alabama National Forest for recreation. Supervisor's Office Canoeing, birding, fishing, picnicking and photography are welcome, but hiking, bicycling and horseback riding are discouraged because of vehicular traffic that will be present on these dates. Lufburrow died on October 15, 1961. He graduated from the University of Georgia in 1914. In addition, in 1927 a one-acre area was cleared at Kinlock Springs for a camp site with a garbage pit and two latrines. Logging practices of the 19th century had left much of the watersheds of the great waterways in the eastern United States cut-over, resulting in frequent flooding and the siltation of the streams. For those wanting to picnic on the Forest, the “National Forest Barbeque Dew Drop Inn” at Rabbit Town sold everything needed for an outing. Public outdoor educational opportunities are also available. 114 0 obj <> endobj {dR��:`��e���o~ �DX���$N���@����l:L�����5��,�p�Qv��Q�)���NM=�h1��%9э2���06���{�w8G��G� U�H� According to the USDA Forest Service’s Service Directory of October 1920, Burley M. Lufburrow was the acting Forest Supervisor with an office in Moulton, Alabama. The Haleyville Hunters and Fishers Club had regular outings. Cherie Hamilton, Forest Supervisor Outside the BW WMA, but inside the Bankhead NF you can hunt hogs 365 days per year. The 1917 Forest Fire Plan for the Alabama Purchase Unit called for the hiring of one forest ranger, one or two fire guards, the building of a steel fire tower, building several tool boxes, and building several miles of telephone lines from the tower to dwellings of the fire guards. There are six recreation areas scattered about the Bankhead National Forest, each offering a unique experience of its own. Darrius Truss, District Ranger LocationSee this tract on an interactive map. The work project consisted of the construction of roads, bridges, fire towers, firebreaks, and telephone lines, and stream improvement. McDowell was in charge of the “Alabama District” with an office in Landersville. Earnest John Mead was appointed Forest Examiner in May of 1918. For your safety, plan to wear hunter orange when sharing a primitive environment with hunters. The work project at Camp F-4 was similar to the previous CCC camps in the Alabama National Forest. Category - Parks, Forests and Grasslands. In May of 1933, Henry Jack McDowell retired from the Forest Service. Seasons vary and only one zone is open at a time to feral swine hunting during deer season. endstream endobj startxref Biggest thing will be boots on the ground scouting. During Open Woods Weeks, the public is welcome to drive into the tract along the Main Gravel Road leading from the Jack's Drive Parking Area, to the South Gate. Re: Hog Hunt in Sipsey Wilderness Area [ Re: brx ] #1286742 03/05/15 07:02 AM 03/05/15 07:02 AM There are 13 miles of trails in the Sipsey Wilderness designated for horses. The 1930 map shows the addition of a fire tower at Kinlock Knob and another east of Cheatham Road, the Central Tower. On July 24, 1924, The Moulton Advertiser reported that an additional 171,140 acres of land were to be added to the Alabama National Forest, extending its boundary to the south. The plan was signed by Clinton G. Smith, Forest Supervisor of the Cherokee National Forest on March 6, 1929. Email, Talladega National Forest Turn right on Co. Rd. Camping is allowed during hunting season in the Bankhead National Forest. In 1926, the State of Alabama released 24 wild turkeys. On January 17, 1924, The Moulton Advertiser reported that road between Moulton and the Forest was to be graveled. Silas McKinley Black was born in 1896 in Livingston, Alabama. The Sipsey Complex is divided into two zones, North and South. Later, in June of 1933, he would be the Chief of Timber Management for the Cherokee and Alabama National Forests. Hall’s reconnaissance report, he stated that there were several local men that would be extremely useful in identifying land owners that might be interested in selling to the federal government. 2946 Chestnut Street In April of 1935, he was appointed the head of Alabama’s Fire Investigators by Governor Bibb Graves. Double Springs, AL 35553 By 1930, a Forest Service warehouse had been constructed east of Cheatham Knob. endstream endobj 115 0 obj <>/Font<>>>/Fields 55 0 R>>/Metadata 16 0 R/Names 176 0 R/Outlines 52 0 R/Pages 102 0 R/SpiderInfo 108 0 R/StructTreeRoot 61 0 R/Type/Catalog>> endobj 116 0 obj <>/ExtGState<>/Font<>/Pattern<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageC/ImageI]/XObject<>>>/Rotate 0/StructParents 0/Type/Page>> endobj 117 0 obj <>/Subtype/Form/Type/XObject>>stream Overview The Bankhead National Forest Liaison Panel Meeting minutes and information . The 1940 census listed his occupation as working as a Fire Marshall for an insurance company. Henneberger was a graduate of the Pennsylvania State School of Forestry, Class of 1924.

This was where the post office was located. In 1924, the Forest Service began a road improvement program for not only the roads within the forest area, but also roads leading into the forest area. Tuskegee, AL 36083 Hall specifically named Joseph Jonathan Sandling as being the most important of these local men. These tracts are known as the Sipsey Complex. You can enjoy hiking, bicycle and horseback riding, and a trail for your All-Terrain Vehicle. In 1929, the first timber management plan was written for the Alabama National Forest. In the event the Sipsey River is out of its banks and flooding the roads, the dates will be changed. The large aquatic salamander is an endangered species found only in the Black Warrior River basin. These tracts provide public outdoor recreational opportunities, such as camping, fishing, hunting, canoeing, wildlife observation and biking. Email, Bird Watching in the Bankhead National Forest, Quail Habitat in the Bankhead National Forest, Hunting Feral Swine in the Bankhead National Forest, Fish Habitat Enhancement GPS Coordinate Sites for Alabama Power Company Reservoirs: fishdata, The WFRP website which contains a database of wildlife, fish & rare plant projects on National Forests, The Winston County Natural Resources Council's blog, Help Us Stop the Invasion - Hemlock Woolly Adelgid, To request information, pamphlets, ask questions or submit comments, email the Bankhead National Forest:

The free permit maps may be downloaded here. Turn left on Buhl Cutoff Road and travel approximately 1.2 miles to Tuscaloosa Co. Rd. 175 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[]/Index[114 168]/Info 113 0 R/Length 215/Prev 359390/Root 115 0 R/Size 282/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream

(DXUZ@:�X 2L'�4k����yB�9P�O . Motorized vehicles and bicycles are not allowed inside the Sipsey Wilderness boundaries. 256-463-2272

Hunters must have a valid hunting license and permit map; and follow regulations, seasons, and limits for the county in which the tract is located. Between 1914 and 1916, additional foresters from the Yale School of Forestry came to Alabama to conduct surveys and begin the acquisition process. He was buried in Moulton, Alabama.

Sipsey is the largest national forest wilderness area east of the Mississippi and offers outstanding opportunities for hiking, camping, hunting, and fishing.

Non-hunters may disperse camp in the general forest and wilderness. 1070 Highway 33 The new District Ranger’s Office was established at Decatur, Alabama, with Fred C. Henneberger as the District Ranger. The Sipsey offers outstanding opportunities for hiking, camping, hunting, and fishing. Keyword - National Forests in Alabama. Ninety-two percent of this timber in this area had never been cleared. Bullock’s survey was to determine why the stock fish had failed to reproduce and to determine the best species for the forest. Quinn, State Commissioner of Game and Fisheries, led the coordination with the national forest to develop deer hunts and game management. 140 and go approximately 0.1 miles to Co. Rd. Group sizes are limited to 10 people. These men included C.E. The Bankhead National Forest offers over 90 miles of recreational trails.

o���^���0%@��������,b� ���`q@/f+��,/��0\q�Y��bFo�/.y����X��>c�dhd=��@@�������������AA͑���cs)CDÕ�\ӎI0�`[�������p�Á�M�ς����!���A��$�� ���� i^֘�>�! Note:  Users of the Hurricane Creek Shooting Range should bring their own paper targets. These tracts are known as the Sipsey Complex.

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