I'm not sure exactly what I did differently but I did get a different ending.

Does that give you a good ending? The Forgotten City is scheduled to release for the PC via Steam in 2019. Yeah dude it sounds like you encountered a bug (I've never heard of). You might not even learn what's in the secret room (and that's OK). That prevents the group coming down the shaft from attacking which also means you won't gain Dooley's confidence. I did use almost all of my potions though! can't find them anywhere. You must help the woman, Cassia, find her brother. Must have been a glitch or something. Maybe something happend the first time (when I got the bad ending) when I was running back to the portal after getting the arbiters helmet. maybe just say for example if its underwater ,,hold breath , go deep" or something like that....ty for reading The worst ending possible is if the player kills Metellus, as doing so not only keeps his crimes a secret, but it also will result in … How did you even get the armor?

so I will have to do it just for the sake of it, last time took it back to Skyrim should have sold it on. Have you used the potion to jump your way out.

Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. When entering the LakeHouse, you enter a time portal going back 7 years to the time of Last Seed. One of them being combat (which is impossible i think unless you have %100 resist to shock)(and fire?). Walk through the passage in the ruins, and enter The Forgotten City. I recommend aborting the conversation with the Jarl after he gives you the key but before you ask him if he'll help you get back to your own time. Does anyone know of any solid guides to get a good ending?

Thanks and sorry for the mistakes, I'm on mobile. That will force you to explore the options that lead to a better ending.

Heh, I went the other way. *** - posted in General Skyrim Discussion: I was just wondering if anyone else played the forgotten city mod where youre in the time looped dwarven city. If Maisi kills Metellus, the way she does so will open a water pipe that will allow the people in the city to escape; however, the city itself will not be saved. Got the good ending (with the entity that's behind it all), went back and decided to figure out how to get the "bad" ending (freeing the captured lady). You can just kill the Jarl for the really bad ending (if saving the lady is the "bad" ending), *Confronting with the entity behind the Dwemer Law. Forgotten City Good ending So , I got the armor , helmet and gloves for the set to explore the mine , where can I find the boots tho. It's possible by just healing _a lot_ while in the "irradiated" area.

Got to say, this ending is a lot better! Did you even went to the abandoned citadel?

can't find them anywhere. In my imagination the woman gets saved by the husband and I stop the events. It is possible to kill the entity without %100 shock or fire resist. SPOLIERS FOR A SINLGE OUTCOME  at level 51 with a speech skill of 66 i persuaded the arbiter to just end his reign so he packed left/died maybe and blew up the aetherium under the ground which opened the roof of the city to show the sky and in order of the citizen log to what happens to everyone is this brol and gaia are still around researching the city, gulvar became jarl, vitus is still around and gives you the immaculate armor blueprints not sure what that does smith i think, hjormund is still the foreman for the miners, dooley is still around and given a house and new clothes by jarl gulvar, rastasia is still the bar keeper, asanshi now cooks for everyone and not just the people inside the citadel, domitas gets whats coming to him by being left by safira and becoming a miner like a phesant, safira no idea what happened to her it doesnt say and she isnt in the city, sato is alive but doesnt talk to you other than to say did you bring me anything to eat, vernon still sales produce and is together sexually with raykas, luki is the same, ulrin and maisi left together,no idea on what happened to jeshol, ysmar marries gulvar,habiq and miranda have a new son named maliq,deglund is still over his shop, rykas and vernon are together and he oversees the city guard,marius was a dark brotherhood assassin and left after the laws were over and, metellus gets publicly executed by ulrin and his daughter stays in the city as she doesnt like the outside world and then they opened the city up for people to visit and some people do i guess and a statue of yourself in all dwarven armor is erected where the arbiter used to be by the arbiter i think, Community Forum Software by IP.BoardLicensed to: Nexus Mods, Placing an amulet to advance quest in NPC inventory.

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