If you have a Flow Simulation license you would need to modify your installation to include the add-in like this: Locate the SolidWorks installation in the list of program and elect to "Change" it, Select "Modify the individual installation" and proceed next, Type in the Flow Simulation serial number and proceed ‘Next’ to the ‘Product Selection’ screen, On the ‘Product Selection’ screen locate and select the option for ‘Select different packages or products’, In the dialog that appears select ‘SolidWorks Premium’ and select ‘Also show products that are not part of this package then press ‘OK’, In the list of products locate and select the toggle for ‘SolidWorks Simulation’ then proceed ‘Next’, If prompted to select a location for installation files select ‘Cancel’ and the program will then attempt to download the missing files, At the ‘Summary’ screen select ‘Download and Modify’. Simulation: SimulationXpress: Sketching: Sustainability Products: SolidWorks Utilities : Tolerancing: TolAnalyst: Toolbox: Weldments: Workgroup PDM: Troubleshooting: Glossary: Displaying or Hiding CommandManager Tabs. When the active document is a SOLIDWORKS part, an Analysis Preparation tab is added to the CommandManager when you add in SOLIDWORKS Simulation, SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation, or SOLIDWORKS Plastics. So I tried just renaming the current registry to Solidworks_corrupt from my original PC account profile, opened Solidworks and the problem was still there.

I tried creating a new PC account profile and opening Solidworks from the new PC profile account. To discuss your options, give us a call on the numbers below.

Hopefully nothing else will happen to it .

Our commitment to customer service is second to none: we help you get the best out of your technology. Support, community, and learning resources for SolidWorks Simulation, SolidWorks Flow Simulation, SolidWorks Simulation Xpress, and SolidWorks FloXpress.

 © 1995-2020 Dassault Systèmes. On my first year of college, we were making a model in SolidWorks and I instantly fell in love with the program. İf you dont have any special settings , you can easily try. Click here for information about technical support. If you've gone through the whole process to create a new registry as per that other post, I am not sure how it would continue to be a problem unless something along the way went wrong so you didn't really create a new registry. Otherwise, it really doesn't matter. The last time all of the "Hard Coded Flyouts" disappeared completely and as per the other post I listed I followed the steps and they all came back. rename SolidWorks 2014 to SolidWorks 2014_old or something like that. To provide feedback on individual help topics, use the “Feedback on this topic” link on the individual topic page.

You can customize the tab by adding additional tools. With the Customize CommandManager dialog box open: Select tabs you want to display; clear tabs you want to hide. Web Help Content Version: SOLIDWORKS 2017 SP05 Open a file and go to Tools > Customize. When it crashed on me the other day I went to Features and Programs in the Control Panel.

To report problems encountered with the Web help interface and search, contact your local support representative. We have detected you are using a browser version older than Internet Explorer 7. Thank you. You can customize the toolbar by adding buttons, hiding them, or moving them around. Command Manager has been selected on Main Toolbar in the SW Interface. Now there are sketch commands missing from the command tab. Now there are sketch commands missing from the command tab.

Thank you for your comments. If you don't have a Flow Simulation license (it isn't bundled with any other SOLIDWORKS or Simulation licenses) you would need to buy a license. I opened Solidworks from there and the same problem existed. So my question is how to do one of the following: 1. In the License Order tab, use the ‘Move Up’ and ‘Move Down’ buttons to place the Simulation license types in the order of preference.

College is a bit challenging for me since I work and study so I am currently on my 4th year of study (am 26 years old). Flow simulation is installed and operating fine, but I am missing the Flow Simulation dropdown menu. These settings should have been restored to factory default when renaming SW file in registry settings and reopening SW as per link above and had worked before. I had a similar problem before where the command manager went missing. SOLIDWORKS welcomes your feedback concerning the presentation, accuracy, and thoroughness of the documentation. See correct answer in link: SW crashed on me yesterday and I followed the steps outlined that solved the problem before. The latest CAD design, industry and technology news delivered to your inbox.

Thanks! Give us a call on the numbers below. Importing Motion Loads from SOLIDWORKS Motion, Workflow for Performing 2D Simplification. Thank you for your comments.

This rarely happens, but when it does, it is usually due to the registry for SOLIDWORKS somehow becoming corrupt. You can customize the tab by adding additional tools. To display or hide tabs: With the Customize CommandManager dialog box open: Right-click on any CommandManager tab.  | Get a Quote The Simulation toolbar provides you with shortcuts to frequently used operations.

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