Durean You will free a squirrel who says he will trade you a sword for some food. Return to the village through the teleporter to the shrine found in the northwest corner. Destroy all the monster lairs in the first area and proceed to the second area. What you really want to do is PUSH the tulip to the left. Go up behind him and he will give you the Mobile key. Preparation Turn the wheel to transfer power to the elevator in the underground castle. Destroy all but one of the monster lairs and leave the basement. Left Tower Defeat the first enemy lair and you will be able to take the Light Armor from the chest. It gives you the plant leaves. Follow it to reach a Steel Ball lair. Reequip your old Ice Armor to walk across the lava fields in the second basement area. Return to the village through the teleporter to the shrine found in the northwest corner. Speak to King Magridd in the castle and he will give you the Black Stone. Talk to Nome the snail in the prison and he will give you the Silver Stone. Return to the World of Evil and enter Deathtoll's Shrine which has just appeared in the third area of the World of Evil. Evade his laser attacks and destroy the blue flame pillars. Show the Platinum card to the soldier guarding the left tower and he will allow you to pass. Return to the seabed and destroy the last enemy lair to the north to find a teleport to the St. Elles Shrine. The spirit in the jewel will ask you to find all eight of the master emblems. Clear all the monster lairs on the north slope and proceed to Aurora's Ridge. Show the VIP card to the soldier guarding the right tower and he will allow you to pass. The mermaid you released will give you the Red-Hot Stick. The six stones will be absorbed into the Aurora and the gate to the World of Evil will open. Magridd Castle Beat that to release a bridge guard. She will bring Lisa and threaten Dr. Leo. You can get 1-3 hits each time. A lair of eagle monsters in the northwest corner will hold a jewel. Equip the leaves and speak to the two cats in the large room on the main floor. Once done, head back to the Magridd Castle Torture Chamber.

Use the Dream Rod on the sleeping dolphin in the Secret Cave. On the south side of the level, you will find a teleport to the GreenWood shrine where you can save your game. Step on the flashing tile to open up a passage in the coral reef. The top floor of the tower is a prison. Approch Dr. Leo to hear his dying words. Dr. Leo will then sacrifice himself to kill Queen Magridd and the soldiers. Destroy all the monster lairs on the first floor of the tower and the return to the town. Power Plant Beating it reveals a jewel to the south. Make sure you have equiped the Soul Blade, the Soul Armor, Phoenix Magic, and the Super Bracelet. You will be told that you need the Bubble Armor to breathe under water. Return to St. Elles and speak to the statue. Power Plant Go north and right across the bridge.

On the east side of the level you will find the Critical Sword. Some lairs will open passageways so that you can reach other parts of the island. Quickly retreat from the skull before it moves back to avoid getting hit. Speak to the mermaid in the northeast corner of St. Elles whenever you need another Medical Herb. The top floor of the tower is a prison. The snail you just freed will give you Master's Emblem E. Exit the palace and go right and down. Your IP: Return to the location of the mushroom's dream at Lake Lune and go to where the mushroom was standing to find Master's Emblem F. There are only three lairs on this screen, and the first is a Mudman lair which you can see right away. Destroy all the monster lairs on Aurora's Ridge and enter the cave at the top. The cat will wake up and give you the Door Key. Additionally, development of a variety of enhancement chips (which were integrated on game circuit boards) helped to keep it competitive in the marketplace. The jewel will be useless for quite a while, though. Once you have killed the enemy, you will free King Magridd.

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