At least battles and recruiting demons remains as fun as ever. I also have reason to believe a debug menu likely exists for the 3DS port of Soul Hackers, as well, although nothing has been found as of yet. (Edit: Since writing this guide, I ended up finding the debug menu for the Extra Dungeon disc myself! (See second screenshot. I'm a big fan of JRPGs and the Japanese gaming industry in general. Controller 2:Start Button: Makes various small windows appear around the screen detailing different types of data. Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner - Soul Hackers was originally released in Japan on the Sega Saturn in 1997 and then on the PSone two years later. If the game does play nice in other emulators, the principles of applying the cheat should more or less remain the same, but you’ll have to figure out how to tweak specific steps to make it work on your own. Demons can be left to attack as they wish or commanded manually, though they will not execute commands that go against their nature. Doing all this research and writing has probably taken the better part of at least 20 hours of my time and would appreciate the recognition, seeing as I don’t believe any other English-speaking fans has covered this stuff up until now.

As mentioned before, to unlock the in-game debug mode, you first need to trigger the debug menu in the previous section using the method described above. ), Polygonal Maps (Paradigm X, dungeons, etc.). Function unknown. As such, let’s first go over what you can do while highlighting each command with controller 1 and then cover the controls for debug features that rely on controller 2. (Edit: Whether you can access this shop seems to depend on the state of your in-game save. This won’t affect your save state, so as long as you reload back to that and then manually save the game again afterwards, you should be okay, but you have been warned. I haven’t been able to confirm that myself, seeing as I actually don’t have a physical Saturn on hand, but for you adventurous types who happen to have both a Saturn that can play Japanese games and a Pro Action Replay, you can input the above code and then skip to the third section to learn how to trigger it in the actual game.

(See third screenshot. This will initially bring up the standard auto-map window; to enable debug features in here, simply press the Start Button and you should see a debug menu pop up like what you see in the screenshot above. ; Improbable Weapon User: Uses a Gun COMP. Can still use movement controls by holding down D-Pad or buttons and pressing the A Button to continue.). As you’ve probably come to expect at this point, the pause menu comes with its own fair share of debug features to trigger. Your emulator settings that you applied earlier have already ensured that the address for the code you entered is actually going to the right part of the emulator so that you don’t have to go hunting for it yourself. I don't know the ins and outs of it, but it is at least not the Saturn version being emulated on the PSP, given the vastly reduced loadtimes, faster battle animations, and added features.

It's quite disappointing that there aren't more visual touch-ups beyond the addition of 3D. Consult the edit in the previous section for more information if you’re still having trouble switching in-game debug features on and off.). Sometimes, though, Art Money will be stubborn and forget to set the number in the “Value” column to 1 like you just did. Before you know it, you are in possession of that man's special demon-summoning computer--and a strange presence calling itself Nemissa is possessing your girlfriend's body. The only noticeable graphical update that Soul Hackers received was a slight resolution increase to accommodate for the 3DS’ screens. The version number is listed at the top of SSF’s window when you start it up. Probably a flag editor that tells the game what state it’s in with regards to plot progression and other variables; alter values with caution.

Press the C Button to confirm background change. Anyway, the actual debug mode features you can mess around with during normal gameplay are extremely extensive and the controls vary depending on what part of the game you’re in. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you want to quit out of this menu, again, do it with a save state.

The Soul Hackers Debug Menu and Its Many, Many, MANY Functions: Saturn Version,,, Demon fusion, another core element of the Shin Megami Tensei series, comes into play in some interesting ways in Soul Hackers. Without doing so, the game won’t respond to you pressing the Start Button to enter this menu at all.The Event option is a strange and meatier beast than the name might imply. If it bugs you to register when you run it, you can safely choose to continue without registering and use the program as is. While the setting itself is fairly interesting, the main area in which Shin Megami Tensei games excel is the cast of characters that you meet during your demon-busting adventures. Finally, new to the 3DS version of the game is Nemechi, a sort of virtual pet that uses StreetPass functionality to collect currency and allow you to purchase special and powerful demons. Depending on your responses, you might be able to resolve battles without fighting, earn items, or even convince demons to join you outright--or you might anger the demons to the point where they attack without warning.

Click the arrow on the right side of the menu next to the “…” button and you should see a list of programs running on your computer. That being said, saving the game can temporarily change this number for reasons that remain uncertain. Again, also only noticeable if set to a high value.Z Button+D-Pad: Change BGM OUT value. This time we’re going to take a look at debug menus for Soul Hackers and I say menus because not only do they exist in both the Saturn and PS1 versions (and probably the 3DS version if anybody ever digs it up), but each version has some unique features and functionality that aren’t at least known to be present in the other one. More testing is required to fully understand the scope of this option. )Hold A Button+D-Pad: Cycle through enemy formations.

The controls are the same as those for Messenger. They also require two controllers to be plugged in to fully utilize. This should bring you a window titled “Edit Address.” It looks complicated, but there are only a few parts we need to touch before we’re finally in business. Dragon Quest making it's way to Smartphones. It’s mercifully simple, however: all you need to do is make sure you have a save file you can load from the main menu. I’ve never been able to do anything on this screen, but would assume that if you have a save file with actual software unlocked that this screen might actually be usable.

There is a brief primer on demon conversation near the game's beginning, and some characters that offer services have optional text explanations available, but as far as figuring out things like attack types, what commands do, and the effects of demon loyalty, you're either on your own or flying blind until a later point in the game where mechanics are explained. Longtime readers of the Atlus Atlas might know that I have a penchant for researching debug menus in old Atlus games and documenting them in English for future posterity, often for the first time ever in it to my knowledge.

Soul Hackers is yet another addictive handheld JRPG that’s sure to keep you entertained for many hours, as long as you can handle some ageing gameplay mechanics. The differentiation beyond that, as well as their specific purposes, remain ambiguous and require more testing. This means that a number of in-game debug functions have also been enabled. ): Don’t worry if the address is a different value than what you’ve typed in.

Pressing the Start Button again will make the value in the upper right corner freeze, although what this achieves is unknown. If you did it right, rather than load into the main game, you should find yourself greeted with this screen: Congratulations!

Consult the edited instructions above for more information.).

It’s old-school representation of the future is, ironically, a breath of fresh air. Keep holding down the Z button as it loads. But when you go to test-drive the service, you're instead met by a strange being and given a vision of a man's dying moments during a secret mission to retrieve data from a demon-infested building. But like many games of its time, it offers precious little in the way of in-game help or tutorials, instead expecting you to either know the basics through previous experience with Shin Megami Tensei games or learn by trial and error. Cycling through ailments for party after a while seems to automatically make you shift through enemy ailments, which can be fixed by pressing Up or Down again during next refresh. )Z Button+D-Pad: Scroll through item list Up/Down and add/subtract items into inventory with Left/Right.

Two of your party slots are taken up by human characters, while the rest are filled with your chosen demons. Before proceeding, once the file loading screen is open, check Art Money one more time to see if the value you set earlier is still 1. P-SCAN’s function remains unknown. ; Swiss Army Weapon: His multi-purpose gun/computer known as a GUMP, which summons demons … The art of persuasion is important, not only for bolstering your roster, but also for earning money, since defeated foes don't usually drop funds. Though the late-'90s aesthetic is fun, sprucing up the animations or background models a bit would have been a nice step toward making Soul Hackers' interesting world more appealing.

For now, let’s go through each of the options on this main debug menu one by one. If it is 0, simply double click on the 0 in the value column, re-type 1, press Enter, and it should finally commit in earnest. Up/Down will change between applying ailments for party/enemy group, while Left/Right will cycle through the ailments for currently selected group. These options are NORMAL, P-SCAN, ALLDON, and ALLDOF. ), Item Sub-Menu (At Use, etc.

For now, let’s go back to the actual main debug menu and continue with the rest of the features. Press B Button to exit. Works, but only really noticeable if you set it to a really high value.Y Button+D-Pad: Change BGM IN value, which influences the prominence of the fade-in effect. Exiting it will take you back to the main location selection menu for Amami City. Seemingly stops working once you actually have access to the COMP. (See above screenshot.

Most recent update: 2018/05/09 . Increase or decrease the hex value with Up or Down on the D-Pad, respectively, and then press the C Button to load the art assets in question. To stop this, you’ll have to turn off each song by manually navigating to their BGM REQ value and pressing the A Button to stop them.

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