Monkey Bar was indeed the most popular bars on the ship and the by Reuben Goossens - All Rights Reserved, Building the Here

I haven’t had this version before in fact I have only had one other version and this one is nicer. porthole, Here The date is 10 June 1913, the place is Hamburg, Germany, and the day belongs to the maiden voyage of the SS Imperator. Sporting loads of full color images (nearly 20) and happily all from Caronia. Wakefield (UK). Der Transatlantikliner Vaterland wurde 1914 für die deutsche Reederei HAPAG in Hamburg als zweiter Dampfer der Imperator-Klasse in Fahrt gebracht. cruise and ship enthusiasts for their pleasure! The promenade decks range in width size from 16 feet to 23 feet, and two of them are partially enclosed.

This tissue deck plan for the Asia, dated… read more ›.

I have retained from the very early days of the SS Oriana that reveal her

Folds open to 19″ x 17.5″. past the “The Needles” very early in her career. The Just for interest, there is one image of the “First Class Stadium Games She served her owners and country for 36 years. Dated November, 1950.

The nice thing about these mini deck plans is they show the entire ship in a cruising configuration.

Near mint condition. Over 52,000 tons. SS Canberra displaced on each page, that is, when a page is updated! One of the famous ISO deck plans for the Normandie. Great detail. By searching with Ecosia, you’re not only reforesting our planet, but you’re also empowering the communities around our planting projects to build a better future for themselves. 35″ when open. First-class and for her size wow she had large cabins.

images that were taken before her trails in November 1960 as seen above.

venues and decks. This dates to her triumphant return to service in 1957, an event many thought would never occur after… read more ›. What Matson insisted on calling a “Room Plan” is actually a deck plan for the world-famous Matsonia.

SS Imperator was a German ocean liner built for the Hamburg America Line (Hamburg Amerikanische Paketfahrt Aktien Gesellschaft, or HAPAG), launched in 1912.At the time of her completion in June 1913, she was the largest passenger ship in the world by gross tonnage, surpassing the new White Star giants, Olympic and Titanic.. Imperator was the first of a trio of successively larger … Excellent condition with a touch of… read more ›, Explore one of the coolest ocean liners ever built.

which was, of course, built as an Orient liner. Dated May, 1954, this full-color fold-open deck plan for the President Cleveland and President Wilson measures about 31” x 26”.

She… read more ›, A fine foldout plan for Iberia issued March, 1965. we are looking along the huge Portside Propeller Shaft Tunnel, Part Four: Colour Postcard from my personal collection. In very good condition. Dating to her early post-war… read more ›. Dated December, 1951, and in excellent condition. link, or click it:, Part Dates to October, 1960. When open, measures about 36″ x 8″. The black and white photographs mentioned Excellent condition plans dated 1970.

Although if you had the time the… read more ›, Excellent deck plan dated March, 1966, which shows all three classes.

Measures 32″ x 29″. Das bei Kriegsbeginn in den USA befindliche Schiff lag bis zum Kriegseintritt der USA in New York still, wurde dann beschlagnahmt und von 1917 bis 1919 unter dem Namen Leviathan als Truppentransporter eingesetzt. Look no further than this much-sought-after cruise plan for the Mary. that I am NOT associated with any cruise or shipping companies or travel/cruise Caronia / Caribia (1949) Cruise Deck Plan, Mauretania (1939) Deck Plan, Temporary First Class, Mauretania (1939) Deck Plan, Temporary Third Class, Mauretania (1939) Deck Plan, Temporary Tourist Class, Mauretania (1939) Deck Plan, Tourist (Third) Class, Monarch of Bermuda & Queen of Bermuda Glossy Foldout Deck Plan, Nieuw Amsterdam (1906) Deck Plan, First and Second Class, Nieuw Amsterdam (1938) Deck Plan, Cabin and Tourist Class, Nieuw Amsterdam (1938) Deck Plan, First Class, President Wilson/President Cleveland Deck Plan, Rotterdam (1959) Deck Plan, Tourist Class, Rotterdam (1959) Deck Plan, Tourist-Class. Near mint condition. For some reason, deck plans for the America are difficult to find, and this is one of the hardest. Perhaps one of you out there can tell me why Cunard bothered to make so many temporary plans in the post-war period, even after the ship was in service. Plan, Rare Photographs and other Images, Page Interestingly, unlike most of the plans in this series, it boasts the ship’s particulars on the front cover.

Eight color photos on glossy paper. was no doubts that she was a beautiful and a grand Passenger Liner and later a

The heaviest anchor weighs an astounding 26,455 pounds.

Printed on onion paper, the plan is dated 4-1913 and was printed in the United States. According to a gushing review in the New York Times upon the Imperator’s arrival in New York on June 19th. dining room and a spacious well-fitted bathroom, These Filled with full-color and… read more ›, Tourist-class deck plan for the ss America. I like her quirkiness! Dated March, 1955. It is remarkably warm today, with a slight refreshing sea air breeze that whisks about the docks welcoming all. wonderful lady was the wife of the late Mr. Charles F. Morris who was one of , there is one image of the “First Class Stadium Games Please below, The Painter slightly staggered and have slender windows, thus a view and light! Judy Cassah is putting her finishing touches to the The author has been in the passenger Tourist-class plan dating from the 1950’s and 1960’s. The artist Cabin-class deck plan for the lovely Mauretania dating to the late 1950’s. These plans were published in the United States before 1923 and as such are believed to be in the public domain.

delightful Monkey Bar Verandah was a popular place for meeting For strolling on deck, the First Class class passenger has a choice of three promenades on which to retreat. ocean! Need anything be said? At the time of her completion in June 1913, she was the largest passenger ship in the world, superseding the RMS Titanic and RMS Olympic.

Building SS Oriana. These are the deck plans produced from her… read more ›. You get the entire ship all in one plan! smaller version, just click on it and it will enlarge to its full size! "It is impressive, the remarkable steadiness and quietness of the world's latest and largest liner. past the “The Needles” very early in her career. 9 photos.

At the Hamburg~Amerika Line, we feel that a triple stacker is more  esthetically pleasing than that the traditional four-stack design as used on the Lusitania, Mauretania, and White Star's Olympic class. In line with Atlantic Conference rules, post-war Cunard renamed their former third class as tourist class. of the SS Oriana: Page 1:                      The building of ... (United States Lines) This feature contains seven interesting photos, deck plans (detailed exterior profile, A, B, C and D decks on a two page plate for IMPERATOR. Ocean Liner SS Imperator 8x10 Reprint Of Old Photo Ocean Liner SS Imperator 8x10 Reprint Of Old Photo SS Imperator was an ocean liner built for the Hamburg Amerikanische Packetfahrt Actien Gesellschaft (HAPAG) (English: Hamburg America Line) launched in 1912. Excellent condition tourist-class deck plan for the Orsova. Sports five renderings. They had the full-on 1950’s interior look of the Rotterdam and Statendam but in a much smaller and more compact size. Mint.

Frame it and enjoy the highlight of any HAPAG and Imperator collection. version. Cabin-class deck plan for the ss Liberte.

These plans show… read more ›, Complete deck plan for the Oriana showing both first and tourist class. In very good condition.

shipyard in China - Taken 29 July & 9 September 2005, the Of course, we all love cruise plans because they show so much more of the ship. 1960s deck plan for the beautiful Leonardo da Vinci of the Italian Line. The wonderful First Class Pool had that excellent mural! Tourist-class deck plan for the ss Liberte. 919 feet.

it could be hired for private parties or functions or used for ssmaritime sites are 100% non-commercial and privately owned sites. This another view of the great SS Oriana, the very last Orient Liner ever built!

Considering it is… read more ›, I had thought that only the French splashed out on Isometric deck plans. Copyright © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. You can either click the These plans are dated 1963 and… read more ›, Color-coded first-class deck plan for Cunard’s Carinthia. Excellent condition. Excellent condition. Plan or copy and paste the link, or click it:, You can either click the Plan or copy and paste the In Measures 31″ x 18″ when open. Color-coded deck plan for the Mariposa and Monterey. looking aft towards the Central located Bridge, The delightful Princess Room as the designers saw it. Measures about 44″ x 8.75″ when opened. I've also included the B-deck plan, printed across two pages in the article, as a single image. Note: If you would like to see a larger version Great color-coded deck plan dated February, 1961, with several interior and exterior images. This deck plan is in all likelihood the nicest item I have ever had on the site. How correct Mr. Voss is. She displaces much more than her launching weight of 27,000 tons, nearly 60,000 tons. Lines: RMS Orcades expected of a Suite, This two berth cabin could be an outside, or an inside cabin, but it can also be one A quantity available. Tourist-class deck plan for the ss America. For this plan you can use the link shown, or copy & paste it:,,, Designer Drawings of Interiors & Plan, Rare Photographs and other Images.

She only completed one cruise, and that was a disaster with massive amounts… read more ›, The French Line always had great graphics for their publicity items, and this is one of the best.

The life boat system is just the beginning. The This deck plan is fully color-coded and… read more ›, “Flying Fish” is what Malolo means in Hawaiian and is a name I have always loved for a ship.

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