We usually stay in Carrizozo. Best of luck on your hunt. Then we cleared the area and they put the sneak on it. This is basically equivalent to the deltoid (rounded contour of the shoulder) on a human arm. If you plan on doning so head to the southern part of the area and hunt the mountains. Never know when you will hit a huge rock underneath that stuff. On range Oryx draw is, at best, 7% odds. The 300 RUM will be close by depending on the weather and the pressure from the other 69 hunters. Nice of them to come to us, especially the way the foot was hurting by that time. I've spotted 5 or 6 different groups from one glassing spot.

We went about 1 mile further and drove up on a burm to glass. Am I correct here? For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Joined Apr 22, 2013 Messages 2 Location Omaha Nebraska. Yet with the naked eye I estimated them at right at 600 yards. JavaScript is disabled. So, being it was about noon we went in and did some glassing. We were told by Gilbert that we should go into Gallegos and glass. So, all-in-all a good hunt. Best fun is Macgregor. Well we listened to the briefing, then they said "sorry, we have something going on today, see you tomorrow". I did go guided and had a great guide that has hunted the base a lot. Good luck to you & your buddy on your hunt! I drew a Stallion tag many years ago and also went on a couple other hunts with friends. The old bull that isnt pictured was tough but others were tender and very soft or easy on the tast. Oryx just have an enormous gut to deal with all the dry bulk they eat and get the most out of it. Congragulations. We hit the 2 track trail heading straight south.

I drew the same tag as you. That is correct we got betwin 125 and 200 lbs of the best meet that I have ever eaten. But we did get through to the other end. .40 . Help us non-residents out a little, though. Congratulations!!! I just came off of an off range hunt and did glass up some really big bulls on stallion. Plan a bunch of spots to drive to and glass, that way when you get to one and someone is already there, you can drive directly to the next one. I loaded and dropped across the hood just as the 2 Oryx stopped about 30 yards out and about 30 yards in front of the truck. It's one of the funnest hunts there is for a great eating animal.We made sure we had all of our coolers full of ice as it was July.Just know all the rules because they don't give warnings.I am trying to get buddies to apply just so I can go again. Fortunately my hunt was hard but better.

(too high). I developed a bad case of plantar fasciitis a month ago. Onx Hunt Maps App. A once in a lifetime hunt, you may need to swallow some of the traditional pride and go with your best chances to get an animal.

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