Please verify that you are at least 18 years of age before proceeding. The game was made in conjunction with Date Nighto and funded through a Kickstarter campaign, where it raised over twice its original goal. I’ve frequently maintained that the comic’s strong visual presentation and effort at bits of world-building would make for an entertaining movie adaptation even without all the sexual content. I cannot think of a better word to sum him up.

Either way, I had to find out for myself so I went  Date Nighto website, put down my hard-earned money (so at least one person has officially bought this game at retail price) and invested my valuable time playing Starfighter: Eclipse. The way it is handled is, honestly, sloppy as it makes several routes completely pointless and doesn’t leave me as a reader wanting more as much as it leads to me being annoyed.

‘What’s the problem with that?’ I hear many of you asking. Abel is a navigator and the main character of the webcomic.

It can feel unfinished if you give it one go-round, as the “real ending” only unlocks after you’ve completed all of the others.

of him. It took me years to figure out that visual-novels can be like choose-your-own-adventure books, or maybe they always are? So, to read a statement like that leads me to a few conclusions about Ms. Hernandez. Seriously, let’s really look at some of what she has to say in this review; There’s a lot to like here. He has concerns that he and his fighter Praxis are not getting along.

You are Helios, the newest fighter aboard the starship Kepler. Being more economical in the future would help the game as a whole feel like less of a grind, I think. Well, he does provide the Deus Ex Machina when the need arises. Having said that, the situational music actually used in the game is pretty cool 80’s throwback synth: a little Mass Effect, a little Blade Runner.

Praxis is the fighter assigned to the starfighter Tiberius. Not just because I like playing them, but because their success is a sign of an ever-diversifying customer base for video games in general. I don’t follow her on social media and I haven’t read anything she’s written before this week. Latest Page. Selene is a character appearing in Starfighter Eclipse.

I’m not sure about that one, but if HM is going to make another visual novel, more practice on character sprites would probably be her best course of action. Now when this approach to sex is done right, and it can be done right, it leads to developing awesome characters and relationships that gaming as a whole needs much more of.

While Cain’s route has its own issues, this is where the writing team got the most right.

There’s a snazzy little anime-style animated opening, with a song that’s a bit like a cheesy Depeche Mode-lite. It’s perfectly fine for what it accomplishes, but don’t expect A Midsummer Night’s Dream or anything.

Still though, it being ‘easier’ doesn’t detract from the consistent quality of this artwork.

Please purchase as gift instead. It’s the fact that she says it’s better than the majority of visual novels she’s played. I’m sure there will be people who love this game, because that’s just human nature. From what I understand, ‘Fighter’ and ‘Navigator’ in this universe is simply code for ‘soul mate’, and the way they all say those terms kind of cements that opinion. So while I’m happy to see the tech works for the most part, the abundance of choices doesn’t actually means it matters. Hyper-novel at the very least would be suggestive of a branching underlying structure (stateless or no?).

There are some solidly-written visual novels out there and I’ve done my best I went to point out when a VN’s writing goes over and beyond: especially when it’s Western-born. Best case scenario is that I’m wrong and this all leads to nothing, meaning that all of the flashback scenes featuring Valentina and her being missing was just the plot screwing around in order to try and create a cheap dramatic device in the place of solid character development. Inspired by a popular yaoi webcomic, just titled Starfighter, the campaign raised $143,183; making it the second most successful EVN Kickstarter right now. Starfighter: Eclipse stands a bit apart from its more innocently romantic brethren in that it isn’t quite as interested in “romance”, per se. Sadly, the dreamboat with the eyepatch, Praxis, remains un-romanceable, like a beautiful stoic truffle behind the cold glass of a display case.

I just hate to read pieces with no comments. However, if bodies were stacking up and no one knew why, and Helios has to decide whether or not to kill Abel rather than save him, the plot would’ve reached the level of tension it was trying to get to. Believe it or not there’s some incredible writing to be found out there in the wilder parts of the internet when it comes to believable sex scenes, but Starfighter isn’t always it. Who is Patricia Hernandez? Navigate the difficult politics of the Kepler as you explore the beautiful sci-fi backgrounds designed by Hamlet Machine and the Date Nighto team. A major part of Selene’s path is his jealousy of Abel and anyone else that gets Helios attention.

AndroidBrowserdate nightodating simiOSPCstarfighter eclipseVisual Novel.

the game/book? Now, her sprites on the other hand, that needs some work.

Her talent, not the story in and of itself, keeps the game as a whole stable and that is as much of a bad thing as it is a good thing. Official website for Starfighter, an erotic sci-fi m/m webcomic. There is little variety in the conversations where you go and once you’ve seen all of the events play out as they’re supposed to. Your decisions here begin to lay the groundwork for the end of the game, but on a strictly technical level it’s kind of a useless mechanic.

And the derelict ship felt like something straight out of Alien.

Jun 18, 2020 - Explore ~ ~'s board "Starfighter", followed by 142 people on Pinterest. Starfighter Eclipse and Trying to Give a Russian Mouse some Cheese (3nd Playthrough) I decided I’ll put down all the choices I made and what ending they lead me to.

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