GiftRocket offers a press page listing mentions in other media outlets and a link to their press assets. What content should you include?

Analyzing startup press kit examples will help you do this.. An online press kit provides all the important information about you in one place, making it easy for journalists to research so this should be a priority when building a website.

They’re useful tools for potential clients, business partners, and investors trying to gauge your company’s credibility. You could talk about your mission. The majority of people who trust that publication will be intrigued by their recommendation.

} However, when building a startup press kit, you should also think about other potential beneficiaries of your activity as well as journalists or influencers and bloggers.

A press kit is nothing more then a dedicated page on your website. The simplicity of the press kit from Unitel Voice is impressive.

Note how they list a few rules for how to refer to their brand.

Of course Dropbox is using Dropbox for their press kit. ); You could copy quotes from review websites, or maybe you have reached out to customers to get a quote?

Additionally, there’s a downloadable zip file that includes logos, screenshots, photos & video links. As you scroll down, you’ll find variations of their logo, explanations about their name, and how to use it and the HEX codes for their brand’s color palette.

Simple, but very nice press kit which blends in with the rest of Intercom's website. And if a reporter is interested in writing about you, they have all the information they need in one place. A research paper your founder has written about your problem space? Press kits are no longer only sent to professional PR or communication companies. Consider how they are built then use the best parts of each example to make your own. Sign up below to get our new content. HappyFox puts their logo and wordmark right at the top of their press kit page so they are easily found by users. But it's more than that: Websites who don't have these pages, just don't look professional.

Take a look at how Worldwide Supply draws interest. These pages are important for people to take you seriously.

Various screenshots of articles about the company show how to best use and download their material as PNG or EPS files.

Fill in your email bellow to get the Whitepaper. The simplicity of the press kit from Unitel Voice is impressive. They also list their email so users can contact them if they need something specific for a story. When and how it was founded.

However, Uber likes to keep it simple and offer only the most important basic information about the company. Expensify gets right to the point and shows what they’ve been up to by listing a full collection of their recent press releases. enhancement of top-notch web You are launching a big new feature... Whatever it is, if you write a press release about it, obviously put it also in your press kit. If you make it too difficult on the writer, they may just go to your competitor and highlight them instead.

This provides an opportunity for a customized press kit for each journalist. Website: Ren Behan Food. They have two columns: one with press releases and one with mentions of them in the news. Note how they list a few rules for how to refer to their brand. Need help? It may seem somewhat abstract but it gives journalists the necessary freedom to approach a given subject.

Have a Question, Feedback, Bug Report, Feature Request or want to say hi? They make their conditions clear from the beginning. Clearbit offers multiple versions of their logo, so reporters can choose the one that fits to the layout of their publication.

applications. The quote is summarizing what the company is doing, but quoting The Economist gives it more weight. Team Extension,

An introduction text about your company. planning, building, support and Examples; Features; Pricing; Register; callback: cb For startups especially, press kits are not just important for journalists, bloggers, and other influencers interested in writing about your business. They then add a call to action to the left of the page with a button that reads, “Download Press Kit” and descriptive text explaining that the EPK contains logos, screenshots, photos, and a video. Slack's press kit ends with a note on how to get in touch, and some links where you can follow them around the web. The first step in getting more press coverage for your company: make it easy for journalists to write about you!

One thing they all do the same.

OptinMonster’s PR kit sample is well-sectioned. You can ensure this by providing the journalists with the exact information you want them to share.

If you don't have time to build out an additional page on your website, you could simply put all content (images, logos, documents) into a .zip file, and offer it as a download.

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