I have found lots of sites that will decode early models, but most are model specific. So if you have a late model Suzuki street motorcycle, even if it has received a replacement frame, it will have a VIN number or identification label on the steering head portion of the frame. You can also check whether the car was in an accident, theft, mileage, as well as use in a taxi and who is the owner. (VL1500BL8) / Boulevard C90T(VL1500TL8), V-Strom 1000 ABS(DL1000AL8) / V-Strom 1000 XT ABS(DL100XAL8), V-Strom 650XT ABS(DL650XAL8) / V-Strom 650 ABS(DL650AL8), V-Strom 650XT ABS(DL650XAL8) / V-Strom 650 ABS) (DL650AL8). ). VINwiz.com - The #1 decoder for classic car & truck VIN numbers (1950-1980) VIN Number: Enter a VIN number then click the 'Decode' button. support (at) vin-info.com [ support (at) vin-info.com ] - for legally justified reasons, in course of direct marketing of our services, including with your consent, using profiling to screen any future advertisements for our services in other web sites, throughout the lifetime of the site or by the time your consent is withdrawn. Fortunately, Coronavirus is NOT impacting MSP. You can withdraw your consent for processing your data at any time, but this will have no effect on legality of data processing completed before your consent was withdrawn. Privacy policy and cookies. JS1 BM1111 00101053. Modelarska 18, 40-142 Katowice, Polska, msg = 'support' + x + 'vin-info.com'; z o.o. VIN Decoder (VINdecoder.pl) is not responsible for the accuracy of the information it publishes - technical data, characteristics, specifications, indicators, etc. Suzuki machines recalls 531 times (most recalled model it is GRAND VITARA, recalled 46 times), received 4954 complaints (most complainted device it is AIR BAGS, recived 343 complaints). Suzuki Motor Corporation (owner of Suzuki) apply a unique Vehicle Identification Number for each vehicle. You can also protest against processing or any transfer of your data.

All manufacturers logos, marques, and all other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Here we will help you to decode your Suzuki VIN number. - if required by our legal interest, for statistical purposes and to manage the web site, for the period until we complete our statistical analysis, but no longer than for 3 years since the year in which the data was acquired; VIN DecoderSuzuki -TSMMZC11S00181187 -2006SuzukiSwift5 Doors Hatchback1.3L L4 DOHC 16V FWD

(ul. From 1981 and up Suzuki has a vehicle identification number containing 17 digits for every: Suzuki produces vehicle types: Low Speed Vehicle (LSV), Motorcycle, Passenger Car, Multipurpose Passenger Vehicle (MPV), Truck. Chart for decode Suzuki VIN. Manufacturer builds more than 500 vehicles per year. The VIN reads GS425504118 on both the bike and title. Its factories are in countries: Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, United States (USA). We are able to process and ship orders to the UK, Europe and Worldwide as normal. Now, from what I understand, the 17 digit VIN came in in 1996, so anything with an 11 digit is obviously older than that. In your Suzuki VIN Number there is a type code that can give you your exact motorcyle model and year. 17 digit number is easy to decode, look at the chart and relate the numbers. out = '' + msg + ''; We already checked more than 2637 Suzuki vehicles. If you have doubts regarding your model or model year do not hesitate to send us your complete vin number and we will provide you the correct information! 2020 Thank you. The bike had changed hands a few times and he has no knowledge of it's history. // I really need help decoding it. Checking VIN you can find out: manufacturer, model, year of manufacture, engine type, factory manufacturing and remaining car specifications.   Our thoughts and best wishes are with everyone affected both personally and professionally - Team MSP. Or use the search form above. Read, Like, Comment, Laugh, Share #motorcyclespareparts, © Calling all Bikers, Riders, and people who just love all things two wheels. Make sure you do not confuse an 'S' for a '5', an 'A' for a '4', an '8' for a 'B', a 'T' for a '7', a 'Z' for a '2', or the letter 'O' for a zero '0'. document.write(out); The web site may use cookies and other similar technologies in aforementioned purposes. The bike had been re-sprayed (in 2000 livery) and the owner didn't know about 11 digit versus 17 digit VIN's. In the early nineties, Suzuki instituted a frame program where street model replacement frames would receive an identification label which used a portion of the original VIN number. // http://www.davidtulga.com/antispamemail.htm You have the right to lodge your protest to the Chairman of the Poland’s Personal Data Protection Office or his counterpart in any other EU country. The title also says in a little box named "style" it says "MC" if that helps. You are not obliged to provide us your data, but when you refuse to do so, the site may function incorrectly. // Anti-Spam Email Cloaking 3.0 by David Tulga // -->

No data can be transferred to any non-EU country or entity, other than those accepted by EU law. If you search for this type in theSuzuki models list below you can find your exact model. 17 digit number is easy to decode, look at the chart and relate the numbers.

To find original Suzuki spares for your Suzuki in our online electronic Suzuki spare parts catalog you need to be sure to have the right model. VIN Number Example: JS1BM111100101053 Your personal data is administered by VIN-Info Sp. I have a 79 Ford Fairmont and haven't found one yet to decode the VIN. Where to find Suzuki VIN Models of Suzuki vehicles. More about our data processing rules and browser settings can be found in our [Privacy Policy]. To find original Suzuki spares for your Suzuki in our online electronic Suzuki spare parts catalog you need to be sure to have the right model. You accept cookies by choosing the respective settings in your browser. VIN DecoderSuzuki -JS1GT76A662103302 -2006SuzukiGSX-R1000Motorcycle. Can someone post a link for an 11 digit VIN decoder? To decode and get lookup of Suzuki VIN history check ✅ enter it here: Suzuki was founded in 1909. Reply #11 - 11/11/15 at 14:54:57 my VIN is NP41A - XXXXXX which is 6 numbers, so how do I read this as I am looking for a spare and the guy from the shop wants my VIN and cant find my 11 digit one and he wants 17 digits off me but I'm six short - oh woe is me ! x = '@';

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