VETECHBUSA. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Your email address will not be published. lol But seriously, sick car At first I thought that top speed is rather low, but then again you probably don’t want to faster than 145 mph in that thing. In the end the Nissan inline-four only ended up weighing 13 kg (28.6 lb) more than the factory Suzuki engine. Whether it's a giant V8 in a tiny sports car or a supercar engine inside a minivan, these engine swapped cars look downright terrifying to drive: Nicknamed the "Hellkitty," this ridiculous Miata may just be the most terrifyingly fun way to use Dodge's Hellcat engine.

Ranking The 10 Greatest Mustang Model Years, The 10 Most Terrifying Engine Swaps We've Ever Seen, The desire to modify your car is a natural thing, replacing the very heart of the vehicle, engine swaps completely transforms a car and how it drives, the Hellkitty ended up sliding into a ditch, Italian restoration shop Oemmedi Meccanica, 19 Tiny Cars With Huge Engines Swapped In, 15 Craziest Modified Minivans That Are Anything But Boring, Watch HOONIGAN's Drift Kei Truck Destroy Its Tires, required a custom chassis to be made from aluminum, Watch An LS7-Swapped And Lifted Winnebago Motorhome Tip Over, 5 Toughest Off-Road SUVs (5 That Can Barely Handle A Gravel Road), These Are The 10 Most Anticipated Sports Cars Of 2021, 10 Sports Cars That Are Actually Way More Expensive Than They Look, Oldest Cars You Can Still Buy New In 2020, Worst Pontiac Muscle Cars To Touch The Tarmac, 10 Most Hated Cars... That Actually Are Great, These Cheap RWD Sports Cars Are Tons Of Fun, 22 Of The Fastest Cars Available For Under $10,000, 10 Terrible Cars From Manufacturers Who Should've Known Better, 10 Awesome FWD Cars Everyone Forgot About, These Were America's Most Popular Cars...In The '60s, 5 Muscle Cars That Look Awesome With Wide Fenders (5 That Are Beyond Ridiculous), People Still Believe These 10 Ridiculous Car Myths, Avoid These 10 Used Chevrolets At All Costs, These Cars Look Fast But Are Actually Incredibly Slow, These Were The 10 Most Luxurious Cars Of The 2000s. For all of the enthusiasts. Right: IFCAR via Wikipedia, Watch This LSX Swapped AE86 Barely Hold it Together on the Dyno. Suzuki Cappuccino with a SR20VE. The Mitsubishi Starion, also known Stateside as the Chrysler Conquest, was a simple rear-wheel-drive, turbo-four performance coupe produced by Mitsubishi from 1982 to 1989. It’s a motorcycle engine.

no where near a stock ca or anything. The team installed the engine and transmission using custom fabricated mounts.

Behind the engine is a six-speed sequential transmission which is controlled through a Geartronics paddle-shift system. Jeff Mackens is having his 1995 Suzuki Cappuccino transformed by the fabricators at Charlie’s Custom Creations in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. An exhilarating experience even with the low stock power numbers, this Cappuccino was taken to ridiculous levels with the engine from a Suzuki Hayabusa motorcycle. Source: Mozber Youtube channel, Pistonheads and Z Cars FB page. The factory engine was replaced with a Hayabusa K7 1.3 L inline-four. A revolutionary and iconic "people's car" that is now an icon of Britain, the original Mini was a tiny, lightweight, and economical car, the opposite of what a big V8 usually powers.

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