According to the traditional schema, the Germanic peoples had been in motion since the third or first century B.C., engaging in periodic mass migrations that pressed northern tribes down upon earlier emigrants to the south with such increasingly disruptive force that the Roman frontier, which had impeded the migrant’s progress for several centuries, was torn down around A.D. 400. Another thought is, what if the Romans became the Goths. To that end, in the phase before the migrations, the tactical scope of battles was kept short and simple, with emphasis on localized conflicts and revenge-fueled raids.

The formidable onslaught of the Huns, whose origins are almost as mysterious as that of the Goths, claimed the Alans, a probably Iranic (with Germanic elements) tribe as the first victim. On the other hand, Fritigern, not only counted himself as a Roman ally (based in Thrace) but also took up the mantle of Arian Christianity (possibly under the influence of Ulfilas the Goth, the missionary who devised the Gothic alphabet), the very same religion followed by the contemporary Roman Emperor Valens.

-Dead Roman tech can later be reactivated when catalyzed by the presence of other Roman tech (as seen with proto-miller on Ilus and Elvi's experiments in TW). "Not actively hostile until seriously provoked" is maybe a better phrase. For the next two years, even Valens was forced to join the fray against his old allies, but neither side achieved an outright victory. They wiped out whole systems and all the live within them to protect themselves. I'm not saying they are necessarily "evil". Some historians have also argued that the archaeological evidence has been evaluated to fit in with Jordanes’ account, as opposed to a more independent assessment. Finally, the Huns approached near the borders of the Roman Empire and started to coerce the frontier Thervengi Goths, still under the nominal leadership of Fritigern (since his rival Athanaric failed to protect the Thervengi from the roving bands of Huns and Alans).

I think the situation is comparable to the one in Abaddon's Gate.

Higher I (one) Before 2,000,000,000 BCE

Upon realization that Humanity is a bunch of monkeys that found lazer guns and space magic in the ruins of the Roman empire, they may change their approach with us. Miller states that while Ilus was a power station for the Roman's civilization (possibly instantly beaming that energy to other systems via non-local tech), but that the rings and ring station got their power from somewhere else that he was as yet unaware of. What if the reason the Romans couldn't stop it was because it was a transformation that the entirety of the hive mind was going to experience, and what if the final bullet sent to wipe out all the Roman tech was just like the last part of the old Roman consciousness just turning out the lights on the way out the door of our pitiful 3D universe. As historian Walter Goffart mentioned –. Historical information

When the Laconian Empire's Magnetar-class battle cruiser Heart of the Tempest fired its magnetic beam weaponry, the entire Sol system experienced a simultaneous blackout that didn't account for light delay.

I don't know if I'd go so far as to call the Goths "benevolent." For the Romans, that effectively blacked out whole components of their hive mind and eventually a kill shot wiped out all of these consciousness-forming entanglements and killed the entire hive mind of the Romans. If you catch a disease, you dont empathize with the bacteria that caused it and try to work something out.

And Valens once again permitted his ally’s request by allowing the Thervengi to settle across the Danube, in circa 376 AD. But to the parts of the Roman hive mind left behind it looked like part of themselves just blinked out of existence.

There he'll have a little face to face with Xan, the little proto-kid from the Pen. Also, I don't see any other way this story ends with humanity still existing, given what a Lovecraftian threat these aliens pose. The Goths living largely outside of the traditional Roman borders, mostly between the Baltic and the Black Sea, were known as the Greuthungi, and likewise, most of them formed the core elements of the Ostrogoths in the 5th-6th century. Elvi passed through the object herself while attempting to use it to shut down Ilus' defenses and survived the experience without ill effects. Unknown Aggressors All of that changed at the Battle of Adrianople in 378 AD, with the (possibly outnumbered) Goths scoring a stunning victory over the Romans personally led by Valens.

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