Here are 10 spooky stories commonly told around the local community. When he left on a flight and never came back the Lady in Waiting was devastated so she took her own life.

Pixie Bubbles.

A dog as food was offensive to the American missionaries, and under their influence, the dog meat in the story became pork. The couple followed the reverend’s instructions for a week, and the spirit never returned again.

In September of 1938 construction of Hickam Air Force Base completed making the base ready for use. The R6D-1 crashed and more than sixty people perished. The Green Lady is also said to have been seen at a local elementary school. The goddess Pele is commonly referred to as beautiful, but she can also be hot-tempered. Many visitors report feeling a great sense of sadness, being frightened for no apparent reason, or extreme pain. The facility not only provides a place for an individual awaiting trial but it also offers numerous other services and programs for the detainees. Upon peering through the gates, she saw a family happily enjoying the fruits of their garden. People have also experienced the sensation of someone sitting on their chest causing them to choke. In other words, give the platinum blonde a ride, offer her a smoke, and forget about carrying around a box of matches. Lodging with a leading Oahu environmentalist who lives where Hawaii’s Green Sea turtles do…which also happens to be one of the North Shore’s most famous surf spots. As the story goes, Pele and Kamapua’a had a turbulent relationship that was doomed from the start. When Kamapua’a arrived in Hawaii, he heard of a gorgeous woman named Pele, so he traveled to the south of the island to ask for her hand in marriage. The local woman claimed that she went to use the restroom and noticed another woman combing her hair. People state they have seen the apparitions of soldiers on the dock of the sunken vessel.

Ghostly apparitions, unexplained lights, and eerie noises are said to be common around the historic site. The common backstory for the Green Lady is that there was once a woman who visited the Wahiawa gulch with her children. Along the breathtaking Pali Highway developers created the Nu’uanu Pali Tunnels.

Alternately, the legend is attributed to a magic dog, which was killed and cooked and put in an 'umeke to be carried over the pali and given as a gift to the mother/wife of the perpetrator. The Hawaiian Islands are well known for luaus, the sunshine, sandy beaches, surfing, and incredible views.

According to reports, the police watched in horror as the invisible force assaulted and threw the children across the room. In order to get passed that section of the Pali Highway the old woman’s dog must be fed the pork. Since December 7th, a number of unusual incidents and accidents have occurred at Hickam Air Force Base. The theory is that the Menehune were real people from Marquesas Island who migrated to the island of Hawaii before it was inhabited by the Tahitians. 501 Silverside Road, #513 Step in a different direction: down into the phantom tales that have unquestionably shaped much of Hawaii’s charisma.

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