It promises to be just as heartbreaking and horrifying as The Silkworm and Rowling’s Twitter page. In her book, The Silkworm, one in a series of books that, like Potter, features the same character, a detective named Cormoran Strike, she writes; ”If you go for that door one more fucking time I’m calling the police and I’ll testify and be glad to watch you go down for attempted murder. Rowling’s transphobia has come as a disappointment to many of her fans, despite trans people repeatedly pointing it out. Know Your Election Day Voting Rights, Fact Checking Viral Claims On Election Day, Impossible Foods Has A Milk-Free Milk In The Works. But force women out of their jobs for stating that sex is real? ‘Not pre-op.’”. This also isn’t the first Cormoran Strike novel to contain transphobic concepts. Other celebrities, however, have spoken up for trans people. As for Rowling, it’s likely she’s simply a product of her country’s culture. Among her history remains another anti-trans article that Rowling must have butt-liked. She was no longer this billionaire writer hovering three feet above ground, having found life’s golden ticket… she was humanized. In a particularly revealing scene, Rowling’s hero traps Pippa in his office and says, “‘If you go for that door one more time I’m calling the police and I’ll testify and be glad to watch you go down for attempted murder.

I didn’t expect to see J.K. Rowling reveal herself to be one of them. In every form and fashion, Harry Potter is an allegory, and perhaps more relevant today than when it was published two decades ago. The tweet drew immediate criticism from trans people and allies, while trans-exclusionary accounts hailed the author as a hero and a “defender of women.” But this is not the first time Rowling has flirted with transphobia. I’ve never accidentally liked a twitter status though, because I don’t follow people whose world views are exclusive to a cis-hetero society. J.K. Rowling has demonstrated over and over again that she is well aware of the social conditions for minorities and the hostility perpetuated against us by rhetoric like this. This latest novel fits perfectly into the narrative that Rowling has been crafting on Twitter. After a hearing with a UK employment tribunal, Judge James Tayler ruled that Forstater’s gender-critical views did not represent a legally protected philosophical belief. While disappointing, Rowling’s latest foray into transphobia doesn’t exactly come as a shock.

I believed that Rowling had a distinct appreciation for the struggles we face here on the ground, and when she spoke it was not simple word-candy, but from an authentic place. She also found herself becoming a central figure in international political discussions.

You have had a taste of what it might be like to try to navigate a male dominated world as a woman, and of how a socially conditioned fear of male bodies might ingrain itself.

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