fy While many users are using Zoom to host their PowerPoint parties, you can use any video chat service that lets you share your screen. Some of these examples from Twitter users who've participated in PowerPoint parties might lend some ideas: "Which members of One Direction could I defeat in martial combat? #powerpointnight, Better than a any political debate; baby grinch. makeusviral

Schedule The Due Date. Smaller Schools Build Close-Knit Communities and More Positive Learning, Community Works Journal: Digital Magazine for Educators.

On Google Hangouts, you can present and share your whole screen.

They're only a tap away, My roommates and I decided to have a PowerPoint night. For students all across the country (and the world), life has completely changed as institution after institution has closed campus and switched to remote learning.

It's a bummer when you can't together IRL with your pals, but PowerPoint parties are a great way to get your creativity flowing and foster your connections with your friends. Some users have been creating fun PowerPoints to share with their friends — and it's aptly called, a PowerPoint party.

It can be as enlightening or as ridiculous as you want. fyp #powerpointnight.

@_gioporto fypg People know the topics they’re presenting on are quite ridiculous — and so it’s okay if they fail or mess up. Many of these students are taking advantage of their extra free time to have a new kind of educational experience, wildly different than the ones they’ve been afforded within traditional institutions: a PowerPoint party.

happyathome If you want to keep people's presentations shorter, you can enforce a time limit.

foryoupage #powerpointnight, Want more trending videos? highly recommend doing a powerpoint night with your homies. @isabellearmstrong. paravoce corona, highly recommend doing a powerpoint night with your homies New Education Policy in India After 34 Years, Charter schools are a hot real estate market — and that’s bad for students, Making education work for the next generation of neurodivergent pupils, The Curiously Fruity Flavors of Sweet-Tasting Lemonade Stand Education.

Zoom PowerPoint party photos are began flooding the Twitterverse in early April 2020, and if you've seen them, you're probably wondering what it's all about.


Send images to the back. ", "Why HSM was not fabulous: a dissection of why Sharpay Evans was the true victim.".

Blurring the lines between edu c ation, entertainment, and socialization, PowerPoint parties have been largely popularized by kids and teens on TikTok. Switching up your group calls can be as easy as hosting an out-of-the-box party. Join the millions of viewers discovering content and creators on TikTok — available on the web or on your mobile device.

Finally, you'll get to the fun part, which is choosing a topic for your PowerPoint presentation. PowerPoint night is a must ItBeLikeThat #powerpointnight makeusviral foryoupage. ), synthesis of information, understanding of one’s audience, etc. The low-stakes environment makes learning fun.

original sound - lockshawty.

parati This is something that I don’t think is encouraged enough in schools, but somehow, when kids are on their own, their curiosity and willingness to take intellectual adventures skyrockets. On the flip side, they require the audience to suspend their disbelief and really be open to new, if ridiculous, ideas. With topics such as “Why Stars are Star Shaped,” “Barb Weber [Peter’s Mom on The Bachelor] Sucks,” and “Why Grape Jelly is Essential on Grilled Cheese,” these PowerPoints are very weird, specific, and often draw upon memes, cultural elements such as television and music, or just random facts of the universe.

These themed chat nights let you get some quality time in with your BFFs from a distance. At the end of your PowerPoint party, you can have a voting period to decide who gave the best or most convincing presentation.

To get going, first you'll need to get a group of friends to agree to join a PowerPoint party and explain how it works.

Blurring the lines between education, entertainment, and socialization, PowerPoint parties have been largely popularized by kids and teens on TikTok. Switching up your group calls can be as easy as hosting an out-of-the-box party. Next, you'll need to choose your video conferencing platform. #powerpointnight, Ótima ideia pra tirar do tédio

For example, you can do this on Zoom by selecting which window you want your friends to see, and get started on the PowerPoint.

fyp It's not clear where the recent trend originated, but it has emerged due to the ease of screen sharing features on video conferencing platforms such as Zoom.

In the past few months, global education has been largely disrupted. It starts on TikTok.

A PowerPoint party can be done with Google Slides, Keynote (the presentation software from Apple available on iOS devices), or any other presentation tool, too, of course. It allows for a sort of intellectual play, which, despite its benefits, is not encouraged enough by traditional education.

I think writer Sam Kern has summed it up pretty well: ‘. Some users have been creating fun PowerPoints to share with their friends — and it's aptly called, a …

PowerPoint night is a must PowerPoint party time: throw the virtual event of the year 3 Apr 2020. brasil Watch short videos about #powerpointnight on TikTok. tiktokbrasil Moreover, they show the incredible amount of creativity and curiosity that young people have, even in the difficult times we are now experiencing. foryoupage “Which Teletubby Would Win in a Fight” or “Late 2000’s Webkinz and What Their College Majors Would Be. powerpointparty After you've chosen your PowerPoint topic, experience the joy of creativity by crafting your presentation using a combination of text, images, GIFs, videos, tweets, and more.

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