If network drops, volumio attempts to reconnect for 30 seconds, then starts the hotspot.

I think it might be something to do with amount of items to discover as per my other thread. i have volumio 2 on raspi pi3 connected to a dac marantz na8005. My only misgivings are if you already have a port and cable then you don’t really need this guide in the first place. The complete setup would indeed be very complicated. CHANGELOG LINK, RELEASE DATE: 24-09-2020TOTAL DOWNLOADS: 100443IMAGE MD5: f9f475b2c1bc665c343b537456f73d94

In the picture, the device called VOLUMIO-RPI2 is the one you are currently connected to (it is highlighted). This shows all the available Volumio devices on your network and what they are playing. CHANGELOG LINK, Download the Volumio quick start guide and follow the instruction for an easy set up process. Click on Select drive, and select the SD Card \ SD Card reader. So, if your network is not available after 30 seconds, it will start hotspot mode.

Can you see your home wifi on your phone? Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, Configure Volumio WiFi on Pi without using cabled Ethernet. The wifi is not connected even with the ethernet port plug in. Get help for Volumio here!

What I would like to then do is run ‘hostapd’ and ‘dnsmasq’ so that acts as an AP, and I can still control it with my phone. I’ve been trying to get WIFI to work on my PINE64+WIFI module build but no go.

Disabling Ethernet like you just did shouldn’t be a problem perse but if you change anything your network configuration, like change passwords or the name of your wifi, you would need access to Volumio. By subscribing to one of our premium plans, you will be able to get the following premium features: We’ve put together a curated selection of Audio gear and accessories to get the best out of your Volumio experience, Get updates on software updates, product drops and all things Volumio. Get help for Volumio here! See how to, Volumio uses Websockets to receive commands, see how it works in the, Learn how to write plugins to add new functionalities to Volumio in the, Want to contribute to this guide? This the flow of events that results in the visualization of the configuration page: It's the json file which describes visually and functionally the configuration page. listeners: [], Each section has: Content defines all the elements available in a section. wpa-ap-scan 1 } volumio May 28, 2020, 5:35am #2 No way to just reset network settings, since if you reset the network settings on Volumio, they will be still enabled on system files Clicking here shows all the tracks currently queued to be played. } I just installed Volumio 1.55 on my raspberry Pi 3 which has wifi. You can translate strings by calling the TRANSLATE command in the text field followed by any number of nodes, you can make it as complex as you want, but keep it readable please. Portable Volumio 2: Network Configuration. We can add an option not to recreate hotspot if wireless fails, but to retry wireless connection. Failing to add elements to the array will not result in a crash, the info/settings will just be omitted from the payload. If so, you don’t have to do anything - the Pi should come up on when it can’t find your home network.

Portable Volumio 2: Network Configuration. Now I just need to work out of to get the RPi to try more than one wireless network (home LAN and phone hotspot). I’ve ran into a similar situation and eventually decided to strip the eth0 stuff out of interfaces as indicated in this topic.

With Volumio 1.3 the I2S settings are much easier now.

Is the installation a fresh flash or an update of an earlier version?

To speed up boot and disable the cabled Ethernet delete these lines from /etc/network/interfaces.

I had volumio 2 installed on pi 3 but after following the steps I am not able to connect to my house wifi. Hope that is enough - please let me know if not. This documentation is the result of a commun work from (alphabetical sorting): Set up development environment introduction, Set up development environment for backend, Set up development environment for Volumio images, Creating the image build scripts (Part 1), Creating the image build scripts (Part 2), Help by translating Volumio to your language, Volumio can accept Audio stream in multiple ways, see How to, Volumio features a plugin system to expand its functionalities, see all of them in the, What is an I2S DAC and why its a great solution with Raspberry PI? Simply select the “System” menu, select HiFiBerry (for the HiFiBerry DAC) or HiFiBerry Digi under “Activate I2S driver.”. I am wondering if the failed message is related to no wifi being configured or is this type of message indicative of some other issues?

Don’t alter /etc/network/devices. volumio May 28, 2020, 5:35am #2 No way to just reset network settings, since if you reset the network settings on Volumio, they will be still enabled on system files I could run a script from rc.local to check if an IP address has been assigned (assuming that I’m using dhcp), and if not then start an AP, but this seems a bit clumsy when the decision making has already occurred previously. Does anybody have any success with this setup?

Weird!!! auto eth0 iface eth0 inet dhcp. CHANGELOG LINK, RELEASE DATE: 24-09-2020TOTAL DOWNLOADS: 158616IMAGE MD5: bd8ed7c959343da806f568aae887a576 Configuring Volumio.

From here you can configure …

I read in the documentation the hotspot will turn on if Volumio cannot find the configured network.

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