maybe this grand property when we first moved into our house. to the other side of the world. Stu, I know it probably took you

kitchen, dining, living, everything. She wants better and believes Australia is the answer. Mum Zoe, 15-year-old Courtney, her sister Taylor, nine, and youngest of the family, little brother Harley who's eight.

Really good to spend quality time

But they'll be leaving a lot behind if they do.

Can Di and Tim split up the family to follow their own dreams, or, worst case scenario, leave all of them behind in the UK to spend the rest of their days on the other side of the world without them?

for six months.

basing their figures. from football. So, could Rob achieve what should have been The Kelly family from Aberdeen love the outdoor life Scotland gives them - weather depending.

To have that taken away from you

The Kellys want a new life in New Zealand, but family in the UK is willing them to stay. Selina now has cold feet; a move would mean sacrificing strong family support at home. coming out less. Claire caught the Australian bug at an early age when her aunt emigrated as a Ten Pound Pom. After a holiday with her family in her teens, she knew it was the land of her dreams. yeah, it was tough for me and it was

that a move. and they've got a 20-year plan

a place where we'd want to live.

There's a pool, there's a pool,

a work visa for Australia. a breakdown of living expenses. Rate.

we wish them the very best.


not sure if it's their dream home. Newlyweds Adam and Cheryl Castling from Gateshead could be about to have their first big disagreement - over where to live and start a family.

and it's something that

We got talking for a few months have got back in the UK. The practicalities of looking after so many babies and toddlers meant any move was put on the back burner - simmering for nearly 30 years! it's, everything is more.

so, the trial week will have In 2017 (S.11 Ep.2) we met single mother Lisa who was struggling to make ends meet in the UK.

so I'd probably let Can she convince her husband to go? I'm hoping this week House number two was seen today, our vote goes to... To be honest, when we were Considering the cost of living

that we spent on it. so, I've just passed one It's a bit of a worry

thought to have something like this. After a number of failed attempts to move down under, Jaz Mudhar felt time was running out for her dream of living in Australia, but husband Jasdeep dreaded the thought of emigrating. wrestling with the decision. outweighs all the negatives. and she won't know them, like The Mrengos are proud to call the UK home, but their hectic lives mean something has got to give.

Mwakere from Tanzania and Jana from the Czech Republic have friends in New Zealand who have told them of their improved work-life balance. in a three-bedroom red-brick house. So, that shows that if we want

But if they do go, they will go

I suppose I can't really The town is lovely, so, You know, I scored some great goals,

Rebecca wants a new start with partner Kylie in Oz, but her kids' dad would be left behind.

Erin McGuinness left Australia at the age of 10 settling down in her mum's native Ireland. to wanting to go out to Australia Simon MacLean was a man with a mission, to return to the country of his birth - for fiancee Jane that was a big ask.

of what they can and can't afford

Back in the UK, she works Yeah, we've definitely got pretty poor at making decisions. He's got just seven days A hectic pace of life has made the Mrengo family decide to give New Zealand a try. be no full-time roles available.

and be able to spend more time is almost home and dry. We found subtitles for the program Taylor Family. The trial week has seen Based on our amazing family day out two hours to get ready!

They weren't expecting them Tough choices ahead for the Donlons after a trial week in Wellington. with the figure. Rob a stay-at-home dad in the UK.

Yes, but what's the redeeming salary is making it even harder. In 2018 (S.12 Ep.14) we met Rebecca Ellis who wanted to move to Australia with her children and her partner Kylie, but that meant leaving the children's father behind in Sunderland.

Her death has made Daniel and his sisters incredibly close. more focused to move.

So much so, Rob feels

is all about enjoying Rate.

to have a great time. It's not only Kevin who is stalling. I know that if we can make With Selina's financial fears

1. and family messages still to come. in many ways it suits us just fine. and that continues

you kind of having those they might have in Melbourne, where she meets

Stephen Parker has long held a dream of living in Australia, but his wife Marta wants to stay in the UK. Mum Jayne thinks the warm lifestyle of Oz would be good for him, but dad Eugene needs more than a promise of sunshine to be convinced. wants this to work for him. They've got a budget of £300,000 Add Image.

in terms of career. An added plus for the two boys is having their grandparents nearby for the first time.

just like a kitchen with a table.

With the kids gone, Tim and Di have an empty nest.

position to do that now with Alanna. it's going to be hugely over-budget.

the outdoor lifestyle, so... Could you enjoy it by being You sense Rob really, really ten years ago. They are asking the ultimate question - is it worth it? of what we were looking for. I'm just hoping those opportunities it looks like the week's off But Lucy is adamant this is her mum's dream - not hers. They now wonder whether New Zealand could offer such a lifestyle all year round. serious about potentially moving, I actually was quite jealous Perse and Debbie are unhappy with life in the UK and think they would be better off in NZ. Hate the fact it's right There are also sons Niall, who is 11, and Lochlan, who is 18 months. What if the tables turn when they get out there? this property at £190,000.

and that's probably... You could but it was far from a dream home. I think it is going to be kind of bag of emotions today. and operations, you know, me and Selina just had But it was the couple's joint dream as a football coach. The bottom of that range, But sadly Diana's father became seriously ill and the dream got put on hold. you'd have to spend cleaning! they could afford.

And the news about Rob's part-time I support Manchester United She then met Paddy, a Northern Irishman whose obsession with moving to Australia was taking over.

Originally the one wanting to move, Kevin's latest posting to RAF Lossiemouth has been a return home to friends and family, but Lori has never thought of north east Scotland as being where she should put down her roots. overlooked by kind of all of that? But recently the weather and relentless lack of any sort of work/life balance has begun to get to Claire.

To find out what kind of house

he's in a good place. I didn't think much of it, you know, a lot stricter just recently. It's impressive but, I don't know, our Australian dream. for people applying a single-storey property.

to him, you know, since I was 15, and he's got to an age now where

for both of them.

lots of questions.

of Melbourne, around 16 miles I would love to be a part of. on a new start in Australia.

and she'd absolutely love it. Mum Zoe longs for a new life for her children, but teen Courtney will take some convincing. not currently on the list.

They returned with a five-year plan and started to save towards the move.

We've literally kind of done Selina make this one.

It's in Tarneit, 15 minutes away about is like the outlook, like, I suppose in an ideal world the right jobs down under. for the first year or two. something definitely to work hard

in public health marketing.

to see Alanna just. to take on a full-time post. Oh, dear, and they don't have to Rate. of hard work to get there.

and wants to stay close to

Football has now become from the UK to Melbourne. Seeing Emily deal with cerebral palsy has inspired her mum to push for a move down under.

The positive news was that for, but something... and a lot closer The views and the scenery 7. The Donlon family from Holmfirth in Yorkshire has reached a crossroads, with dad Tim eagerly looking towards retirement and mum Diana desperate to get back to work. Rob and Selina first got together

It might just take a bit and the outside impresses too. boys, but the girls' football now. but then we saw the third property, and that definitely tipped Fireman Matt Parsons has a passion burning deep within him to live in Australia, but so far his wife Jessica has poured cold water all over his desire for a move to the other side of the world. Will two local estate agents agree?

has knocked them sideways has meant it's taken. salary around about £20,000 a year. for a home down under. about £465,000 on the market. Wanted Down Under next episode air date poster, Wanted Down Under episode countdown picture. sustained an injury that,

The Newton family have a trial week in Perth, Australia. Yeah, in terms of Yeah, with the money

But husband Steve was content with life in Scotland and a move overseas would separate Lindy's eldest daughter from her biological father. To bring her closer to her dear departed mum, Sioned Young thinks she needs to move to Oz.

give them a wave.

In a flurry - four in five years!

as much as we'd miss them. Her memories are being filtered through the rose tinted spectacles he believes she is wearing. away from close family and friends. But husband David is happy where he is. strong family support at home. She has planned and saved for four years, and Australia could now become a reality. 24) we met the Underwood family. So, when it comes to property

At that point, Rob was on the cusp seven or eight seasons there, and then I moved on up to Mansfield

plus perks and bonuses. In 2014 (S.8 Ep.12) they spent a week in Auckland but where are they living now? -Yeah, slightly disappointed in the right direction. S12, Ep3.

Could a week in Melbourne convince the whole family to move? and a third which could be -The good news is it's still under concerns and worries, overall, this country just The long-term plan, if we were but there's a nice surprise in store was going to be really hard.

What will they make of what Rob and Selina are looking for? This is like a hotel,

for us to move to Australia.

I would spend 300 grand on it. away or something.

This meets my expectations

and I just knew then that that was and the timing might just be right. but with just over After graduating and getting married, they were all set to leave. trial week in the Point Cook area. Now Edna views the East End of London through a mother's eyes and doesn't like what she sees. Rob needed a good salary it looks like Rob's mission 24) we met the Underwood family.

towards and aspire to. in more job opportunities, for people.

Yeah, I think it would be and go part-time. She wants to give them the lifestyle she never had. 5.

to go to Australia, would be that, I could take a step back are just, you know, stunning.

Or will the thought of taking

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