There were 329 larceny theft related arrests in 2016 that decreased by 8.10% compared to 2015. As chief enforcement officer of the circuit and chancery courts, the sheriff is charged by the constitution and by statute with the execution of summonses, enforcement of judgments, orders, injunctions, garnishments, attachments, and the making of arrest on warrants issued by the courts. Visitation must be scheduled at least 2 days in advance, but no more than 9 days ahead of the visit. 10 codes originated in the United States law enforcement community prior to the second World War. The Detention Center and Enforcement Division operate 24/7. A log of all prisoners kept in the county jail and those transferred is maintained by the sheriff, as well as a bail bond book. of Emergency Management, Veterans Health Care System of the Ozarks. These radio signals were invented to help reduce the use of speech on the police radio. Ten-codes, also known as 10-codes or ten signals, are code words used by many police officers to aid with voice communication. Code Description; 10-00: Officer down, all patrols respond: 10-0: Use caution: 10-1: You are being received poorly / Cannot copy: 10-2: You are being received clearly / Signal is strong: 10-3: Stop transmitting: 10-4: Affirmative / Understood / Message received: 10-5: Relay message to [person] 10-6: Busy / Out at call: 10-7: Out of service (completely) 10-7b: Out of service (personal) 10-39 = false alarm, premises was occupied 10-40 = false alarm, no activity, premises appears secure 10-41 = begin watch 10-42 = end watch 10-45 = fueling vehicle 10-49 = en route to assignment 10-50 = accident 10-51 = tow truck needed 10-52 = ambulance needed 10-53 = road blocked at ___ 10-54 = animals on highway 10-55 = security check 10-57 = hit-and-run accident 10-58 = direct traffic 10-59 = escort 10-60 = squad in vicinity, lock-out 10-61 = personnel in area 10-62 = reply to message 10-63 = clear to copy info? Total arrests in Washington County in 2016 decreased by 1.57% compared to 2015 and is lower than national average of 33.12 per 1,000 people. 46) that each county shall elect one sheriff, who shall be the ex-officio collector of taxes, unless otherwise provided by law. The area was next known as Lovely County, and one year later Washington County was created after another Cherokee treaty.The court house was centrally located in the city of Washington, modern-day Fayetteville (renamed to avoid confusion with Washington, Arkansas in South Arkansas). Arkansas Wireless Information Network (AWIN) Project 25 Phase II : City of Fayetteville uses this system. A second major area of duties surrounds the responsibility of the sheriff in law enforcement (ACA 14-15-501).

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