9 hours ago Really strange turn of events, but good on em. .bodytext {float: left; } .floatimg-left-hort { float:left; margin-top:10px; margin-right: 10px; width:300px; clear:left;} .floatimg-left-caption-hort It’s nice to meet YOU. Wouldn't be surprised to see a shake up there. My phone becomes part of the car when I’m driving. Amy’s Baking Company From ‘Kitchen Nightmares’: Where Are They Now? www.kioa.com Policy | Terms of Use | Contests & You can check out the Instagram here, and also buy T-shirts with some of the more famous slogans from their episode on the show. 9.4K likes. I always thought those “FM radio reaches 90% of Americans” ads were ******** but this thread has taught me otherwise.

EXPLAINER: What’s happening with Election Day ‘robocalls’? Apr 21, 2006 17,468 4,031 113 Male CPA Newton Ratings: +20,443 / 910 / -14 #649 isufbcurt, Jan 22, 2020. Amy's Baking Company Reacts to Social Media Post-Gordon Ramsay Walkout. Is Your Restaurant in Trouble? Rules | Some images copyright AP, Clipart.com Incidents like owner Samy telling a customer, “Here's your pizza, go (expletive) yourself!” and Gordon Ramsay walking out on the show went down in reality TV history. Luke & Heather | Weekdays, 6-10 am. As you mourn her loss with us, please know she was comfortable and pain-free in her final days with her family at her side, and with the amazing care of hospice professionals. Election officials in a handful of states are warning voters to disregard "robocalls" urging them to stay home rather than go to the polls. Amy’s Baking Company turned heads and made social media explode after their famous, bizarre, expletive-filled episode on Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares.The publicity got to be so bad after the episode in 2013 that they had to shut their doors in September 2015.

After all these years on our morning show, we wonder –  how many cancer survivors gained strength from Pam’s story? I could always just listen to Lazer if I want to hear Back in Black or Pearl Jam's Jeremy for the 10 millionth time. The Des Moines Register reports that the move happened earlier this month. They have hit Republican-leaning states as well as Democratic ones. Privacy Advertising Letter | Advisory Public Notice - Non-Discriminatory Ad Contracts, Photo: DesMoinesBroadcasting.com/Roger Summitt, 93.3 KIOA’s Virtual Trivia 10/29: Halloween. Europe tightens restrictions as virus hospitalizations rise, Non-Discriminatory

On behalf of our radio family, thank you for your love and support. How much money was raised for testing and research because of Pam’s commitment to life? I personally think it's a mistake, but what do I know? We choose to avoid assigning human qualities to cancer…as if it was capable of engaging in a battle of wills with our special friend…as if it had the intention to diminish the amazing human spirit we witnessed every day with her. You lived it, we play it! The Food Bank of Iowa is available for assistance or donations for COVID-19 relief. 'Kitchen Nightmares' Is Casting! They currently reside in a “posh condominium” in Westwood, California, although real estate records show they still own a home in Arizona. in Coronavirus Updates, Trending, World. 100.3 the Bus has been getting kind of stale, and a lot of the music played there is now also being played on 93.3 KIOA. Listen to 1040 WHO Live for Free! Hopefully they can shuffle things around and get some music like that on elsewhere. If you can dream it, Amy can bring it to life.”. Used to do the morning show on Lazer also. Good luck with the hate. Stop thinking, take the trip already! Listen to the Pam tribute show, first aired on Monday, July 31: Pam’s final breaks on 93.3 KIOA, April 2017: Share your thoughts and memories of Pam on our Facebook page. Here’s to the most headline-making, attention-grabbing restaurant reality TV has ever seen.

Here's a dumb question - is there music on 106.3 at all now? It's unclear whether the calls are part of any partisan agenda. How many lives were extended or saved after she urged listeners to get mammograms? I hope that works out really well for you. Hi, I’m Luke.

Used to do the morning show on Lazer also. Hear NEWSRADIO 1040, WHO, only on iHeartRadio. Informative x 1; isufbcurt Well-Known Member. Gordon Ramsay Cancels ‘Kitchen Nightmares’, Martha Stewart, Gordon Ramsay, and 9 Other Food Celebrities Who Have Been Arrested. AZ Central did some digging on the Scottsdale, Arizona, couple and found that the two have been keeping it relatively low-key. Ungh, I don't get the infatuation with Charter but whatever... seems like Ross has so much to offer beside selling real estate for that tool. lazer 103.3 co-host, parent, super duper fun gal, voice artist Contact. Non-Discriminatory FCC Public File | For assistance accessing public files, contact For the last decade, she battled cancer with the most amazing courage and spirit. We’ve been tasked with keeping our bios updated with the latest breaking news about our … She even came up with a few signature quips that made her so clever and special on the radio! For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. 9 hours ago See more of 93.3 KIOA on Facebook Both of those are iHeart stations. Travel to London, New York, Paris, San Francisco, and more! Amy Sweet being let go may be the first move toward something like that......at least that's what I'm hoping, because I also liked the 106.3 music mix before this change. Co-host Amy Sweet … On That Note - Parsley Sage Rosemary and TIME, OT: Now is a good time to drop your hottest takes while everyone is distracted by the election. How many family members and friends of survivors were inspired to support their cancer warriors? Earlier today, we lost our precious friend and coworker – and your beloved morning radio friend. Photo: 93.3 KIOA. KIOA - Maxwell & Amy and the KIOA Morning Show. 93.3 KIOA. Leigh wants to play your lunchtime playlist! Amy Sweet of KIOA just got the axe. Pam’s body may have failed, but her humanity and capability to love, in the face of diminishing odds never changed. We think Pam would want us all to continue her work, to tell her story and to keep love, hope, and laughter at the heart of living.

She was fierce and a fighter –  when most of us would have curled up in the corner. Maxwell Schaeffer is out of mornings at Saga Classic Hits 93.3 KIOA Des Moines after 23 years with the station. Contact information. You must log in or register to reply here. With the help of prayers, hugs, and medicine, she managed to find hope at every turn – through every hill and valley of her long struggle. From the website: “Amy can create specialty desserts and cakes for your wedding or your next private or corporate affair that will result in an epic event. Eventually, her physical form was no match for the disease, but her will to live a rich life – filled with fun and laughter, never yielded. Also, know that she LOVED being on the radio and sharing her story with you. I liked the 106.3 music mix as well, but like a lot of radio stations was starting to hear the same songs over and over again. Amy Sweet Des Moines As seen in: KIOA-FM (Des Moines, IA) Is this you? Upgrade now to Fanatic Plus or Fanatic Pro and enjoy all the perks for the best values - upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time.

Amy has started up a new baking business called Amy’s Sweet Magic. Amy’s Baking Company was one of the most famous episodes of ‘Kitchen Nightmares’: One year since it closed, where are they now? Sign up for DSM Deals to receive special deals from local businesses, right to your inbox! Amy has started up a new baking business called Amy’s Sweet Magic. Find the best way to get in touch with Amy by joining Muck Rack. in National, Trending. Contact us to edit this page. But, most importantly, her strong faith was a shining light for us in those final difficult moments with her. You can check out the Instagram here, and also buy T-shirts with some of the more famous slogans from their episode on the show. Even when we spent some time with her in her final hours, she laughed, she cried, she talked about her wonderful daughter, her special family and all of the friends she loved. Coronavirus cases hit new daily highs this week in Russia, and Germany and the U.K. announced plans Tuesday to expand virus testing as European countries battled rapidly increasing COVID-19 infections and hospitalizations. 93.3 KIOACopyright 2020 Saga Communications, Inc. All rights reserved. - kioa.com. EEO Report | Relive Iowa’s Favorite’s Everyday! Hi there and thanks for reading a piece of the internet that talks almost exclusively about ME!

JavaScript is disabled. Play Halloween trivia with Luke and Heather, Thursday at 6 pm.

From the website: “Amy can create specialty desserts and cakes for your wedding or your next private or corporate affair that will result in an epic event. But one year since it closed, where are Amy and Samy, the erratic owners of the bakery formerly known as Amy’s Baking Company? Even if I was in Des Moines I’d still be using the app on my phone. It is both a miracle and a lesson for each of us. For the last decade, she battled cancer with the most amazing courage and spirit. Get the latest statistics for COVID-19 in Iowa. Amy Sweet of KIOA just got the axe.

So it got leveraged from fired to fm.

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