FAV? Pat from uk. Rest in peace and peace to your family. I got to meet James MacArthur when he was doing a play in Corning, New York with Cybill Shephard. My thoughts are now for your family becuase I KNOW you are in a wonderful place. Brenda Campbell- Nashville, Tennessee.

I always enjoyed watching him on Hawaii Five-o. She died March 17, 1993, of congestive heart failure.

He will be missed. One of my favorite movies. He dropped out of Harvard in his sophomore year to pursue acting and he appeared in hundreds of movie, television and regional stage roles over the years. We are so sorry. A great actor in so many big movies and the small screen. I always had a crush on you. Rest in peace. i had written him an e-mail and i was so thrill to see he had answered me. James will be missed by many, the ONLY consolation is that he is now with the rest of his family who are also "Resting in Peace" Mike, remember, he is only a prayer away...Gone but NEVER forgotten. You certainly made that 16 year old girl inside of me very happy. I truly hope he was at peace when he passed away.

THOUROUGHLY ENJOYED ALL OF MacATHUR'S MOVIES. Too decent for Hollywood but loved by many for his dedcation to being an actor. .... Michael C. Thank you for sharing your talents.

Thank you for enriching my life. What a Great human being that we lost. We loved Danno! Meant to tell you actually coming to Hawaii this year. And just think of the joyful reunion going in heaven! Of The Very Best.. Wont Forget Robert, As an actor, you were right up there with the best! - Priscilla Tracy, Peoria, AZ. Stage and screen actor James MacArthur, who played "Danno" in the original version of television's "Hawaii Five-0," died Thursday at age 72.

I pray that his family may be comforted by the love and truth embodied in his life, and reminded that this parting is not forever. See You On The Other Side Some Beautiful Day. Watched all the episodes of Hawaii 5-0, with my children. May you rest in peace.

Sleep well, Sweet Prince. Thank you for sharing a part of your life with us. Namaste. Thank you! Thank you, Jim, for being who you were. As someone living a sedentary lifestyle recovering from prostate / bone cancer I have watched the Five o series twice now. At the end of the first episode his partner says "Book 'em, Danno," and Danny snaps back, "I told you never to say that.". Growing up with him and the Disney movies....thank you for being a real roll model for us kids. May you rest in peace and may God comfort your family and friends.

He was a lovely man. Thanks for the memories. James Gordon MacArthur (December 8, 1937 – October 28, 2010) was an American actor known for the role of Danny "Danno" Williams, the reliable second-in-command of the fictional Hawaiian State Police squad Hawaii Five-O. Lynn from Chicago, Illinois, My prayers goes out to the family of James Mac Arthur. He starred in one play on Broadway, opposite Jane Fonda for "Invitation to a March" in 1960. Since I am only 8 days older than James, I feel that he died much too young. I loved watching Hawaii Five-O and I loved James Macarthur in it. Wow, I just read the news. Can't forget that you were in ALCATRAZ - THE WHOLE SHOCKING STORY as well. old "friend"! You were an amazing actor. Loved to hear the words "Book them Danno", May family and friends continue to have fond memories of James MacArthur. His performances were honest, expressive and powerful. Danno I would haved loved to have met and befriended you. James MacArthur's father was also famous, the playwright Charles MacArthur (1895-1956).

How I wish I could have met Mr. MacArthur! THEY WORKED WELL TOGETHER. My prayers and the prayers of fans the world over are with you in this time of deepest sorrow. We enjoyed all your movies but most specially we love you as Dano. When I was in my teens; I only watched Hawaii Five O because you ("Danny") was my favorite character. Even thought there is a new Hawaii 5 - 0, there will only be 1 Danny Williams. So many years have past. James I'm hoping you are in another beautiful place now. You first caught my eye in swiss family robinson, then again on Hawaii 5-0. Rest in peace and warmest alohas. Dr. Jack. The comparison between his college life and Jack's is simply a comparison of the crucibles in which each man was tempered.

My deepest sympathy to all who loved him and were loved by him. No memorial events are currently scheduled. CBS launched a revival of "Hawaii Five-O" this season that includes a "Danny" character. Quite a treat to meet James Macarthur and play backgammon with him in Honolulu in 1977.

I am still watching Hawaii Five -O up to this day in MeTV.

James - still thinking of you. James MacArthur will always be the one and only Danno and watching the reruns was one of the main reasons, I returned to college and received a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice in 2010. James will be TRUEFULLY missed ,only if they TRY to use the REAL DANO will help, but they will not get close to THE REAL DANO,Thanks for the good memories. Please give both of the dear Helens my love. My first memories of you were seeing you in the movies, Light in The Forest and Swiss Family Robinson. Rest In Peace, Danno. He was blessed to have wonderful family and friends. My sympathy to his family and closest friends. He will live on in his body of work( Jim was my first crush as Clay Boy in Spencer's Mountain),his fans memories and in the love of his family. Enjoyed your talent . It was a great show and James MacArthur was a great actor. I am a big fan and met him at an autograph siging about 10 years ago.

Death of James MacArthurJames MacArthur died of natural causes. Sharon Donahue. I became a NYC Police Officer by watching his show. Steve and Danno became one of television's all-time best-known cop teams during the remarkably long run of the show, 1968-1980. Watching Hawaii Five-0 was a fond memory to me of James MacArthur.

My condolences to the family and thank them for letting us "borrow" him for a time. It looked like a fun movie to make, I hope it was. He was a great actor and will be sadly missed by all of his fans. I do not like the new Version of the show. Godspeed, James. Thank you, Mr. MacArthur, for all the wonderful memories you left us with. You will not be forgotten. It just made our day! I wish all of his family and friends the best. You had Steve's back, back in the day. I had looked forward to seeing him again on the new "H50," but it wasn't meant to be. A wonderful actor and a true gentleman. Thanks so much for all of your work. The show did gave him a rare chance to work with his mother, who played a guest role in a 1975 episode. A tremendous loss for all of us. Rest Well James . When he won over Hayley Mills in "The Truth About Spring," he'd already won me over, and I simply wanted to be her.

I emailed Mr. MacArthur a few years before his passing. MacArthur, asked years later what he liked best about the show, said, "Living in Hawaii.". My fond memory of you as an actor was in the Disney movie, "Swiss Family Robinson", one of my favorites. Rest In Peace and we will never for get you when you were Danny Williams on 5-0. I always wanted to be Danno instead of Steve. Though our courtship lasted only a couple of years, a very special place in my heart has remained yours.

James MacArthur, Actor: Hang 'Em High. I was thrilled when I learned you had found such happiness with Melody. LOS ANGELES (AP) - Stage and screen actor James MacArthur, who played "Danno" in the original version of television's "Hawaii Five-0," died Thursday at age 72. Jim was one of the best. R.I.P. There will never be another Danno like you.

I grew up watching James MacArthur act in the movies and on television. James MacArthur, who played Detective Daniel "Danno" Williams for almost all of the original television series "Hawaii Five-O" and was best known for a line he never spoke, died Thursday in Florida of "natural causes.". You will never be forgotten. Memories of my childhood, Hawaii 5-0, my heart hurts for his lost. ......ALOHA James ALOHA.

I remember him from the movie The Light In The Forest. danno was a great actor, i watched the program every week, may god give peace to the family,in christ name,carolyn, Awwww. Time slips by and we have tosay good bye to special loved ones. What a great actor he was. RIP Danno. James and Jack Lord were very kind and let me take a picture of them with my 12 year old nephew Victor that was visiting from Oklahoma, when they were on a break. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends. i always watch his show and through the years missed him barbara, louisiana. We believe with great joyous anticipation that there is a special measure of grace that God has reserved for those who die in infancy. He was so nice, stopped to sign an autograph and even took his picture with me. JAMES WAS A GREAT ACTOR ALL THE WAY MY PRAYER WITH HIS FAMILY AND FRIENDS GOD BLESS JAMES , YOUR SPRIT WILL BE WITH US ALWAYS IN OUR HEART ALOHA , ALISON. No further details were released. Thank you to the MacArthur family for letting us Baby Boomers have Danno. YOU WERE ALWAYS THERE DANO . May god be with your family at this time. He was 72.MacArthur passed away early this morning in Florida, according to a statement from his family, shared with People Magazine. I always admired James MacArthur since I was very young. Condolences to the family of Mr. MacArthur. 19:14). Time goes by so quickly . He was best known, however, for "Book 'em, Danno," the signature line of his "Hawaii Five-O" partner Steve McGarret, played by Jack Lord. May you Rest in Peace.

Beatrice Arthur (born Bernice Frankel; May 13, 1922 – April 25, 2009) was an American actress and comedian.. Arthur began her career on stage in 1947. and the rest of your family, the Vassalli's are thinking of you. God is a God of all Comfort and he will Comfort the family's...My heartfelt condolences to the family's.. The entire family is in my prayers. Nina ;-), My condolences to Mr. MacArthur's family. I still love that movie. These were, however, his adoptive parents. May you be as successful where you are now as you were here!And may you enjoy the company now of your recently deceased wife,Melody Patterson! The cause of MacArthur’s death was not given. Will always love you as Clayboy. Book em Danno will forever go down in history no doubt about that, This is a wonderful picture that I will cherish in my memory along with many enjoyable moments from his many TV and movie roles. Danno can never be replaced, nor can the Hawaii Five O cast. Jimmy, Your friendship over the years not only enriched my life but helped me to understand the value of mankind. In a career spanning more than four decades, James MacArthur developed a body of work which is wonderfully dynamic in both scope and range. R.I.P.

Celebrity deaths, illness, divorce and remembrance.

And to your wife HB and your family, I send love and sympathy. May God Bless. We never met, but I always felt a connection to you and your mother.

God bless all of you for some great TV on Saturday nights when I was young.

He emailed me back with the most warmest wish and thanks. James Gordon MacArthur (December 8, 1937 – October 28, 2010) was an American actor known for the role of Danny "Danno" Williams, the reliable second-in-command of the fictional Hawaiian State Police squad Hawaii Five-O.. Hawaii Five-O ran for twelve years—eleven with MacArthur. I don't watch the new Hawaii Five-0, it is not the same watching Steve M and Danno James MacArthur. I didn't know him well, but he profoundly impacted my life and will never be forgotten. A fan forever, Anita, Watching all old Hawaii five 0 at the moment and loving them all, miss you danno and Steve. Jimmy MacArthur played football, too, for three years at Solebury School, where he also captained the basketball team.

Loretta C, (Elmira, NY), A true gentleman has passed through the Pearly gates to meet his beloved mother Helen Hayes . Please accept my deepest condolences. Pat Martin Danville, Va. RIP Mr.Macarthur. Sorry to hear he had passed away. Thank you so much for all of the fond fond tv moments and memories.

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