Depending on your fandom, there's one team you cannot stand -- the team you always root against no matter who they're playing, a team you wish infinite losses on. Cameron Ling- Channel 7 Commentator Richmond: Hey we won in 2017. Go Pies! By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Eddie seems to be everywhere you turn, on Hotseat, Fox footy, Triple M radio and now he even has The Footy Show back. The club would go on to play host to many reviled and colourful patrons. Oh well, can't change it now unfortunately. But not so much now.

Now tell us yours.

Caroline Wilson- Former Chief AFL Writer at The Age Yes Collingwood was reviled before Eddie. Dermott Brereton- Fox Footy commentator Noi e i nostri partner memorizzeremo e/o accederemo ai dati sul tuo dispositivo attraverso l'uso di cookie e tecnologie simili, per mostrare annunci e contenuti personalizzati, per la misurazione di annunci e contenuti, per l'analisi dei segmenti di pubblico e per lo sviluppo dei prodotti. Something, something crashed the Ferrari. The hawks have been easy to hate of late.

What did North ever do to be hated? By Shanna McCarriston. 14.

2. It wasn’t perfect by any means, but the AFL gave us a season to remember, Iconic final siren moments from the Grand Final, Why the Cricket world cup qualifier is more exciting than the world cup itself, How Real Madrid have turned their season around. Just got into the sport in the 2018 season and was wondering, what teams are the most hated? Western Bulldogs: Is it still cool to hate Tony Libretore? The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Industry followed to exploit the pool of cheap labour, setting up Melbourne’s noxious industries, including the boot trade, making Collingwood a hot-bed of political protectionism. Usually this team is someone in the division of your favorite team, though often it can be a club that beat yours in a big game. After such a long drought too.

They study found the Steelers were the most "hated" team in a total of eight states, which marked the most in the league. SportsInsider used data from over 90,000 tweets to come to the conclusion that NFL fans hate the Steelers more than any other team. How can anyone hate North? The relationship between Harold Mitchell, Kerry Stokes and Seven West Media appears to be as tight as ever.

‘Robbo’ comes off to fans like a drunk you would find down at the pub or similar, Suits that don’t fit and a pretty poor arrangement of facial hair. 24. In 1850, Collingwood was a sparsely inhabited flat, sitting in a gully between Fitzroy and Kew. We think this image represents the type of person Luke Hodge is. Fremantle; Where do they even get supporters from? Whether through this process we understand more about the pathological hatred of Collingwood by others is another matter.


But it's the pies for me, I was raised that way. Not many individuals can boast the credentials of literally single handedly destroying a football club and numerous careers in the process, but one man who can is Stephen Dank.

Sam Newman- Media Personality

Port Adelaide: They live in Adelaide... the bad part. Collingwood is the AFL equivalent of Liston, destined to always play the bad guy in the theatre of football.

When a meeting was held on February 12, 1892, to establish the club, the recently elected firebrand, John Hancock — organiser of the Collingwood boot-workers — almost brought the roof off when he suggested “the very name of Collingwood would strike terror into the hearts of opposing players”.

2:18 pm ET, Monday Morning Headlines: Unbeaten Steelers Visit Ravens, Winners and losers of the NFL trade deadline, Trade deadline: Handing out grades for every deal, Why Packers-49ers game isn't getting rescheduled, Chiefs trade Washington to Dolphins in pick swap, Report: Dolphins trade receiver Ford to Patriots. Who would pick them in a state that also has West Coast?

I actually like a lot of their players, although they are a team full of thugs. 18. I’m told it’s a long-standing tradition. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. 25. Anyone who has watched a game between the Steelers and Cincinnati Bengals or Cleveland Browns (from any year), knows those teams do not get along, but clearly it goes beyond just the AFC North. The very question of professionalism led to the VFL competition, which broke away from the VFA in 1897. Puoi modificare le tue preferenze in qualsiasi momento in Le tue impostazioni per la privacy. St Kilda: More off field scandals than you could poke a flaming midget at. Pies are in the same vein but they earned my respect in the finals series, plus I actually know some Pies fans who aren't total dickheads. The people of Collingwood agreed, putting Collingwood on a collision course with respectable and conservative opinion. Melbourne: Oh did we make finals?

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Fuck, forgot about them. Sydney: Give us our COLA back we miss being stupidly successful without deserving it. Only in my cowboy movie, the bad guy always wins”. And are run by some dude who makes mornings even less bearable. To assign a user flair to yourself, expand the 'Community Options' drop-down menu below, and click on the pencil icon. Although i think all 15 other teams supporters would agree they all hate collingwood with a passion, so that would have to be first!

The Richmond flag legitimately hurt how I felt about the Tigers.I'm sure it'd happen if Port get another flag again too, but just a lot of dick heads suddenly being dick heads about it, where as all my previous interactions had been positive. Joseph Sapienza attempts to shed some light on why the Collingwood Football Club is the most hated sports team in Australia.

We can say with a high degree of certainty that there is not a man more hated in AFL, or even the whole Australian Sporting world possibly, than Steven Dank. Not quite the man we’d pick to be our chief football writer. They study found the Steelers were the most "hated" team in a total of eight states, which marked the most in the league. Carlton: Still blames the 90s for all their problems when it’s really just them being a rabble. I don’t particularly care for footy.

True, should have switched them out for North.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Write to [email protected]. But overall I would guess Collingwood.

To assign a user flair to yourself, expand the 'Community Options' drop-down menu below, and click on the pencil icon. Sonny Liston once said, “A prizefight is like a cowboy movie. The other half is owed to envy. Victoria loses AFL grand final, man gets virus for second time, and security guard breaches. I know a few Tigers supporters who instantly got that same arrogance. With that in mind, here are the top ten most hated teams in the National Football League. Political truculence explains some of the historical animosity toward Collingwood.

Don’t hate on something that may not exist soon, though. 9. How Collingwood became the most hated team in the AFL. The Steelers will head to Baltimore to play the Ravens on Sunday. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. 16. There are several common explanations: Eddie McGuire’s, , the club’s “feral” fan base, and events like the. Collingwood won 4 premierships in a row in the Depression era - 1927, 1928, 1929 and 1930. ... Yeah, that's accurate.

Brisbane: The 3-peat was a while ago and it’s hard to still hate on them for that, but it’s a club that just no longer seems to care about anything but memes. Responsible for the whole Essendon supplements saga, Dank caused years of pain for not only the bombers and their fans, but the players who experienced multiple years from hell, as well as the AFL, who were tasked with the impossible job of ensuring the competition continued to run as normal while cleaning up the whole saga.

Collingwood notably took control of Victoria Park and boosted revenue; created the first players’ provident fund; became the first club to obtain a liquor licence (a task necessitating a deep foray into and understanding of the world of local Labor politics); and of course won a fair swag of premiership cups. The club’s raucous supporters have since fanned out into the outer suburbs, and can be found under every shrub and around every corner. The club would go on to play host to many reviled and colourful patrons. Craig Hutchison- Media Personality Luke Hodge- Brisbane Lions Player We didn’t? The truculent, proletarian origins can never be forgotten and that’s what really rubs people up the wrong way — to be handed defeat from the wretched of the earth. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Collingwood hatred was protestant dominated suburbs reviling catholics by accounts I have read over the years.

Are you a new supporter or just have drunk enough to forget the decade of abuse we got from them? Steelers, the most hated team in America??

Later that year Billy Hughes pushed for conscription and lost the referendum. Hancock was a trenchant class warrior. We have the best players, the best team ever assembled, nothing will knock us... we didn’t win in 2018? By Joseph Sapienza September 22, 2010 — 9.21am I am glad you gave us the broad sweep. section: | slug: this-is-the-most-hated-team-in-the-nfl-according-to-a-recent-twitter-study | sport: football | route: | Some would argue that he is possibly too high on this list, as he is generally a reasonably good journalist,  but his article on illicit drugs in the AFL, and the players culture over the offseason a couple of years ago, where instead of digging deeper as a good journalist would, Robinson chose to latch onto the first piece of information he received and drag the Collingwood Football club through the mud, and his excuses didn’t cut it when panelists Chris Scott and particularly Nathan Buckley let him know the disgust they both felt towards his article, demonstrating his poor morals and making him an even bigger target than previously before. According to the data, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Maryland, Delaware, Connecticut and Rhode Island are where people who tweet "I hate the Steelers" are mostly located. Seven calls in Harold Mitchell as ‘independent’ cricket rights valuer.

Richmond- yes I’m not over 2017 yet, but fuck me some of their fans are the most cocky and arrogant people you’ll come across. Submit. 10 New York Jets. Barnes/Wikimedia Commons). The disappointing part is that our women's team is likely to get more hate than the mens. From Eddie McGuire to a "feral" fan base, Collingwood is a spectre that haunts the Australian football imagination.

To be fair, Barrett is probably too good at his job.

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