Chortle. The Geordies on the Shore have been getting 'mortal', tashing on and shagging like Tazmanian Devils for over three years now, and until this series (the eighth) I was a closet GS addict.

Instead, he talks with pride about Celeste and Jesse Forever, a smart, tiny and utterly charming film he made with Rashida Jones. When I ask Samberg if it was awkward doing his popular imitation of Mark Zuckerberg on the episode of SNL last year in which Zuckerberg himself made an appearance, Samberg looks down, embarrassed, and says no, it wasn't, for the simple reason he is sort of friends with him: "He, um, had been in contact before and said he was a Lonely Island fan, so it took a lot of pressure off in that way. For his first post-SNL job, Samberg shot a new comedy series, Cuckoo, at Pinewood Studios for BBC3, in a country where he is pretty much unknown. His summer in London, while a seemingly random career choice, has also been "just really awesome". That character is, like, half Mark Zuckerberg and half [US screenwriter] Aaron Sorkin.". Asked about his favourite recent movies, he opts for the delicate Wes Anderson film Moonrise Kingdom: "That movie is so awesome!" He made one film last year that fitted the classic SNL-er mode, the dreary That's My Boy, with Adam Sandler doing his usual man-boy schtick and Samberg stuck in a thankless straight-man role, but he hardly mentions that movie. Life in the suburban home returns to normal – with Rachel dating a nice-but-dull lawyer –until a 'handsome and mysterious young stranger' played by Lautner appears on the scene.

is 10 years on the go. As well as his role as Jacob Black in Twilight, Lautner was also one of the the youngest hosts of Saturday Night Live –the show that gave Samberg his break. The hilarious videos – and they are all hilarious – often featured celebrities behaving improbably, such as Natalie Portman proclaiming what a "crazy bitch" she is, Michael Bolton (who Samberg describes as "our most unexpected collaborator") bellowing his love for the Pirates of the Caribbean (Jack Sparrow) and, most frequently, Justin Timberlake, satirising his heartthrob image by playing a cheesy sleaze in Dick in a Box, Motherlover and 3-Way. And judging from the way Akon grins through the video, he is in on the joke.

Mon 24 Sep 2012 12.10 EDT

"Staying in the corner and doing my thing!

We see you are using AdBlocker software. That's 10 years, 10 series - the 11th begins tomorrow - and 100 episodes. "I think the key for anyone is to just do the things that excite you.

Sections, Twilight's Taylor Lautner impresses as Andy Samberg's replacement in BBC series 'Cuckoo'. ", Cuckoo repeats tonight, Friday Aug 8, at 9pm on BBC3.

"All in all, a convincingly whacky, winningly whimsical performance.". Reviewer Gerard O'Donovan, writing in The Telegraph, praised the writers' skills and the young star's turn.

Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson is not a racist, according to the BBC’s director of television, Danny Cohen.

He went to the Wimbledon women's final, saw Paul Simon in Hyde Park ("kinda the thrill of my lifetime") and hung out in Notting Hill with his long-term girlfriend Joanna Newsom, who is probably the only person in the world who can be described as a famous harpist. At a push, comedy aficionados might recognise him from his appearances in films such as Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist and – one of my favourite Samberg performances – I Love You Man, as Paul Rudd's younger brother. An American remake of Cuckoo – which was BBC Three's biggest overnight comedy hit when it debuted in 2012 – is also in the pipeline. When Samberg quietly announced his departure from SNL in June, the news made the New York Times and the US website Gawker ran a feature asking "Whose post-SNL film career is Andy Samberg most likely to have? While hopes are high for the show, it's not exactly Beverly Hills Cop. However, the first episode of the second series, which aired last night, has assuaged those reservations with Lautner garning overwhelmingly positive reviews. In the US, however, Samberg, 34, is huge: the music videos for his band, the Lonely Island, get between 40m and 120m hits on YouTube and his fanbase spans the A-list.

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