Close to breeding! We are now shipping wholesale orders of angelfish (50 or more). It is not, however, caught in the wild and is considered domestic. Top Quality Angelfish at an affordable price. Bright blue combined with pearlscale iridescence and wonderful marbling across a sail-like widefin. A Guarantee that the fish we send will not have deformities and will represent the strain you ordered. Thanks once again Steve for the great fish you offer. Fast overnight shipping on most orders. If the fish are not there by 10:30 AM, contact us right away. Put them in a separate container and take at least 10 to 15 minutes to gradually double the water volume and then add the stressed fish to the tank one at a time. Good luck with your new fish and please let us know the outcome on our Facebook page or a review on our website.

There foods are the best too! Acclimation Procedure for Fish:  Drip water from the aquarium into the fish-bucket, at the rate of one drip/second for every 3 cups of water in the bucket. This will greatly stress and probably kill your newly shipped fish.

Fish Acclimation Procedure: First, let us know if you can pick the fish up at the nearest UPS Customer Center.

Personality galore in these bright blue angelfish companions. As is the case for other cichlids, brood care is highly developed.

We never ship a fish order without confirming your availability to receive them on the expected day of arrival. I don't try to breed. Can't decide on a type? Eggs are generally laid on a submerged log or a flattened leaf. It is best to empty each bag into an appropriately sized, fish-safe, bucket. Tropical Freshwater Angelfish are one of the most popular cichlids found in the hobby today. All this can take 24-48 hours or longer before we even contact you to arrange a shipping date. Be available to start the acclimation as soon as the fish arrive. You must also do your part.

These tend to be a favorite of the planted-tank owner. Traditional silver angelfish with blue genetics. They are quality fish with vivid color, round bodies, and straight dorsal fins, and they look fantastic in their planted display tank. They are quality fish with vivid color, round bodies, and straight dorsal fins, and they look fantastic in their planted display tank. If it looks worse, then acclimate the rest of the tropical fish for another hour and then try adding one more.

However, it is best to not feed live foods during the first week.

Please keep in mind that each group of fish we are selling are not identical in size. That is by far the best, most convenient way to get fish. Snakeskin trait on a platinum angelfish?! Our popular blue marbles with strong sail-like veil fins. We will do our best to help, but we also need you to do your part promptly.

These are a traditional favorite.

The out-cross was made to add veil to the line and yet keep them as wild-looking as possible. Have fish-safe buckets, ammonia neutralizer, siphons, valves, nets and a quarantine tank with a biologically active filter. The result of crossing our pinoy veil and widefin blue lines has been amazing - the widefin veil is truly a spectacular angelfish. Reverse Osmosis(RO) water filtration for your freshwater aquarium, How to lower the pH in your Freshwater Aquarium, How to get your discus fish into breeding condition, Caring for Gourami in your freshwater aquarium. Having fish shipped in, can be a good experience when you're prepared. Most times, they are just in a torpid state from the shipping conditions, and will be just fine if warmed up soon enough, and acclimated properly. If you do not properly quarantine them, you will risk having them die. All Pterophyllum species originate from the Amazon Basin, Orinoco Basin and various rivers in the Guiana Shield in tropical South America.

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