I'll probably give it a chance, we'll see. The Hollywood Reporter is part of MRC Media and Info, a division of MRC. WOW, if you never watched the office do not start because of Will. I hope he's a permanent replacement! "What I liked is how his withholding only made the workers want to please him more.

All the naysayers and English critics don't understand the show. You can't appreciate (or understand) that they're two totally different shows with completely different kinds of humor and tone? He's certainly given the show's ratings something of a bump. Share your iReport, or comment below. Will Ferrell says he never intended to stay around on The Office for even as long as he has, and as tempting as it might be, he's not staying on past the four episodes that are planned. As a matter of fact I thought it was quite boring. The show was different and funny. Michael is a fun loving character, to see Wil come in playing somewhat of a jerk will be intresting too see. I wanna schlob your knob!! The Office hasn't jumped the shark and I should know since I started this whole jump the shark thing. Privacy | I'm excited to see where this goes! Will Ferrell as Deangelo Vickers, Jenna Fischer as Pam Beesly, Craig Robinson as Darryl Philbin. Will Farrell sucks. Any fan is only half a fan until they've seen the british The Office and the US version from season one onwards. Will, Will Ferrel be permanent on the show? After reading it, I thought, "I guess you had to be there..." Since I missed the episode, I was totally confused. A horrible actor and a very poor choice as a replacement. Ome stor is about the doodie monster that climbs out o the modie and devours all the butttholes. Ferrell will talk about the role next Thursday on Morning Edition. This show is on my all time favorite list.

If this is how the office plans on continuing, I will not watch any more future episodes. First, provide some examples of the what in the summary was wrong and please provide your version. Will Ferrell can't save this show. I'm a Huge fan of the office & is really sad to see Steve Carell go but I thought the new episode with Will Ferrel was pretty funny, he could do a good job taking over but what I think who would be a very good idea & no one has thought of is...having maybe Andy Dick as Michael's replacement...andy dick is hilarious & he has similar awkward-sarcastic humor as Steve Carell does. "It was a little intimidating at first because that cast is like a well-oiled machine and they know each other so well," said Ferrell. If you haven't seen the trailer, it's well worth a look. Michael had to whisper to her, "Don't shave my lips! "I really haven't done much episodic television, and I really didn't have much going on in terms of film and production, so I said absolutely, I would love it," Ferrell told Montagne. I thought the episode was awful. The problem with American television is we beat our series to death.Replacing people, and making new episodes when it seems they have run their course.Long Live The REAL Office!! That is one of the funniest scenes in The Office. FACEBOOK ", That's when the trouble started, though. The whole time I was reading I was thinking how I would never watch the show based on this terrible summary. They have a great cast and the show could be so much better. I iz ready for your man goo!! I think the new office with will ferell sucks. To all the haters: if you don't like it then don't watch it. MySpace. It reads like a Junior High schooler's book report. Will Ferrel as the bad guy? © 2020 The Hollywood Reporter I can't wait for the new episodes!! Forget replacing Michael Scott...how do we find a replacement for this blog writer..geez, I hate when people say stuff like "The British version is better." SNL churns out moderately funny people. I be punjabi but I also be lezbo! When Michael figured out he was duped, he said, "Now I'm going to have to go online and look at turtles, otherwise I'm going to be off all day.".

His humorless average mid-western drone of a manager was shockingly unfunny. I love to pound a good butch in da poop chute!

Will ferril is a bad person. huge fan of the office, but not sure if Will can fill Steve's shoes....definitely will stay tuned. The show will seize your vital regions once more. We wonder why we have recessions, when this is the example we set. But now why bother, you detailed the funny parts. I just wanna take a jig-a-boo meat stick in my pooper! Thank you for being objective, Sandee. NBC has been guarding the identity of the next boss of Dunder Mifflin Scranton with the intensity devoted to a state secret, but it will definitely not be Ferrell, although he admits to being momentarily tempted to stay. I think the way they're making the change is perfect.

No matter though, since they immediately hit it off, and the new boss was introduced in classic Michael Scott style: "Without further ado... let's all start clapping.". The worst come back ever? I guess i was expecting something different, but I am a HUGE Michael Scott FAN! Compared to how many episodes made for the brilliant-but-different British version? When Ferrell said he didn't like Pam's baby, that wasn't funny either. Are you talking the last 15 years of SNL, or the whole expanse of the series? You have to let the character develop. Well, lady, there are a lot of those types out there - happy hunting! I've read all of your comments here. As someone from the Scranton area I hope this show continues on for many more seasons. This is Jon Hein, founder of the website Jump the Shark and current host of the Wrap Up show on Howard 100. If Ferrell is temporary, I would like to see the producers of The Office bring in Rhys Darby, Murray from Flight of the Conchords, to succeed Steve Carrell. StumbleUpon. Middle-management faux-superior, yes. nnt tn many sitcoms las very long after a lead roll micheals such as charlie sheen for micheal J.Fox on spin city but we will jus have to wait and see. P.S.- it is "Ferrel" and "as well" are two words. When Deangelo called a company meeting, and even Dwight refused to stay outside of the conference room with Michael, it was clear that things had changed between them. "Ferrell excels at playing the confident, dumb popular guy, and he's a version of that same character here, but with that essential twist: DeAngelo is not a nice guy. Ferrell — the actor — has been a much better fit on The Office. Are you looking forward to the rest of the season as much as I am? i dunno, you figure it out, I don't think I could watch if will was on for a Long term appearance. He came across as a first class jerk as planned. I don't think the show will be the same with the new replacement. reddit. Truly awful. Copy and paste from IMDB? My three year old daughter could summarize the show in a much more interesting and professional manner. I'm not really sure but the side plots lack substance. I like Will on there.

but i think he's too big a movie star to want to become a t.v. "Ferrell's debut was a welcome surprise -- it brought some much-needed energy back to some of the characters, and looks to be a way to show some of the workers over time just how valuable Michael has been to their company," he wrote. I totally agree! Kind of like your name? Love the office, didn't love will's first episode but will give the character time to "devealoap" as you might write, Eric. Let's face it the Office was never as good as the original British version and now the show is going to tank when Will Ferrell takes over, Will Ferret is not the guy for the part his type of humor just doesn't blend in with the office staff. Wow I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks this writer blows. Anyway, I like Will in Anchorman, so I hope I like him in The Office, because that is what I watch when I finally get a break from domestic slavery.

Time to end show. I just don't like his character. Most of this stuff is hard to read, the Halperts baby would have done a better job.. I'm going to get on the show as a pizza delivery boy and win her heart.. we'll run away together and start a show called "The Dough" and it will take place at a small time pizza shop in Peoria. So she said "hello Dundee mifflin, this is." I like Ferrell as an actor, but here he was creepy and unfunny.

Will Ferrell, not funny! THAT was funny. At least he doesn't seem so," she wrote. Have you ever seen any of his movies? "They shoot very quickly. And how in the world of comedy do you see Ferrel as funny in this role at all? The Office, I mean the real Office from England, was in one episode funnier than the US version is in one entire season. You don't have to like the character to love the actor. You people watching are stupid. i love how stuck up idiots have nothing better to do than complain about nothing. I agree he wasn't funny in that travesty of an episode the other night, but he was hilarious in the other three I mentioned above... and several more. I am a huge fan of the Office but I think the show was overhyped. Way to ruin a show....will ferrell is so unnfunny eh looks like im done watching the office....death 2 ferrrell. Laughing at your idiocy? Hes sooooo funny, but it was as weird seeing him on the show taking Michael Scott's place. I used to not understand Will Ferrell's popularity until Step Brothers, The Other Guys and You're Welcome America : One last night with George W. Bush. I don't know about you, but I'm dying to see how the Deangelo storyline plays out, and of course, Steve Carell's final few episodes. "They shoot very close to where I live," said Ferrell. But funny? It's not me though. I did not think it was funny. Steve Carrel has been great on this show and the transition to Will Ferrel is as awkward as Michael Scott feels about leaving. Yeah, because there has never been a great television show in the history of the world.

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