The Remington 230gr load does a good job. I once shot a Colt .36 1851 Navy model, it shot 4 feet low at 30 yards proving Colt didn’t make guns any better than anyone else.

Winchester Model 94 Short in 38-55 Guns International #: 100368410 Seller's Inventory #: Category: Winchester Rifles - Lever Post-64 - Winchester Rifles - Model 94 Post-64 Seller's Information When emailing or calling sellers direct, please mention that you saw their listing on Seller: Halifax Supply Company: Halifax Supply Ejection of fired cases was out the top of the receiver, like most bolt action rifles. The Model 71 was provided with a tubular half magazine that held four cartridges and protruded only a couple of inches from the front of the fore end. display: none !important; These strategies will get you a close shot at a rutting buck. Shopping Options. A favorite of many hunters and shooters, the Short Rifle has always been fast to the shoulder, quick-swinging, lightweight and a pleasure to shoot. 30-30 WIN.

Since it uses pistol cartridges and a short-throw action, leverage is better than with the Winchester 1894 .30-30. With ears erect, she watched as the buck carefully approached her with his nose to the ground. This cover automatically slid open when the lever was operated, so it did not cause a failure to eject. In 2018, realizing a market exists for modern, shootable versions of classic Winchester rifles, FN reintroduced the Model 1866 into the Winchester product line. Volcanic manufactured lever action repeating pistols, and a few rifles based on the same action, for primitive self contained cartridges. The Winchester Model 1866 was initially referred to as the "Improved Henry." Indeed, many sources still claim that more whitetail deer have been dropped with the Model 94 .30-30 than any other rifle/caliber combination in history, and I have no reason to doubt it.

Another was the incorporation of a spring-loaded loading gate in the right side of the receiver through which cartridges were fed into the magazine. Old-time Winchester aficionados will quickly notice that the safety is now on the tang.

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The Model 1876 was introduced at the Philadelphia Centennial Exposition and consequently became known as the "Centennial Model." I have heard the Model 71 remains popular in Alaska for protection from bears.

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The buck stumbled but regained his footing and continued on up the hill. Why? +  Shotgun style buttplate for smooth and easy shouldering.

That same year, Oliver Winchester became a director of Volcanic, providing capital to keep the struggling Company afloat. The Model 1894 action uses a one-piece, vertically sliding locking bolt at the rear of the breech bolt, an improved version of the principle used in the Model '86 and Model '92 actions.

The Model 1866 fired the same Henry .44 rimfire cartridge used in the Henry 1860 rifle.

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Although patented by Smith and Wesson, the Volcanic lever action was actually designed by Horace Smith and a brilliant firearms designer named Benjamin Tyler Henry.

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