WoT’s New!? I will provide my own thoughts on the "best" tier 8  TD's and I apologize in advance if your favorite tier 8 TD is at the bottom of the list. ok. For a while I thought you were decent, but really, I don't think your opinion is of any reasonable quality by this point. Full Which Czechoslovakian Tank Line is Right for You Guide.

Is roughly on par with 7/1, as the improvements are very marginal with the top speed increasing by 3km/h, and a small specific power ratio. A tank must offer a specific playstyle for players to adopt and develop his new abilities around it, like abusing camouflage mechanics, finding irregularities in terrain to take advantage of well armored turret armor, etc. Laundry Room Edition | Gamescom | Steel Hunter Favorite Tank, WoT’s New!?! This TD is a walking death trap and is only ranked higher than the T28 for it's better gun arc and handling. Unfortunately the firepower still doesn’t feel adequate, however the 37mm auto-cannon can be interesting to use. Either way, they always seem to have an Achilles’ heel. (See spoiler). The first being a turret, the RHM is capable of placing multiple shots across the field without breaking camouflage. Combined with great mobility the Object 261 is a killer tier 10 SPG. Overall they are outperformed by other TD's or even mediums, but the 263 has extreme mobility with what is basically the is7 gun on steroids. The light tanks and mediums prior to the heavy tanks don’t have many standout qualities are mediocre across the board. This is because you don’t gain very much moving up another tier. The T110E4 is a very nice tank. The top 20 pounder is a very competitive weapon. The 57mm does less damage per hit but has great DPM/accuracy while the 76mm hits harder but is worse if you plan to play more like a medium. Edited by PocketLizard NL, 13 August 2015 - 12:41 PM. The Object 261 does something other tank lines wouldn’t dream of. The T-62a is extremely similar to the tech tree Object 140. The armor is troll, and reminds me of an Obj. The armor is top notch even before you side-scrape in the Object 705. It’s a bit better than the Centurion I’s mobility thanks to better engine supporting the additional weight added by extra armor and a new armament. It consists of 3 light tanks beginning with the tier 1 Kolohousenka. At tier 7 you are shifted into an entirely different type of tank destroyer with the SU-152. The IS-M will be a hard tank to push through unless you are top tier. Firing unspotted is key for TD effectiveness, and the Borsig is able to do perform this action extremely well. The stock T-34 grind is terrible until you are able to get either the top 57mm or 76mm. The pancake turret design paired with the steeply angled hull armor makes this light tank have over 200mm. Do you have one for Tier VIII heavy tanks? It’s not as fast as the Toaster, and it takes a while to pick up speed as the specific power ratio isn’t very good, but it’s not as slow as a superheavy.

While the gun‘s handling doesn‘t fare well, the DPM and alpha are pretty good and penetration is decent, not to mention the very un-soviet 7 degrees of gun depression, which will allow a lot more of map positions to be available for you to abuse and even playing hull down. There’s a separate article for that. Copyright - World of Tanks Guru 2011-2015 | All images, videos, and content of World of Tanks is used with express written permission by Wargaming.net. The 107mm and 152mm guns on it are fearsome and are capable of pulling off tier 7/8 damage amounts per game at the cost of durability. Choosing which tank line to play in World of Tanks can feel like an impossible challenge.

The gun also has decent penetration, alpha damage and reload which makes it a very capable pocket medium tank when dealing with lesser armored targets. The Object 430U rewards players that can make most of its armor and higher alpha. There’s a separate article for that. Let me know! Just remember that you are a glass cannon. In return your accuracy is a stellar .57 and your DPM is an excellent 1,759. Overall the KV-2 does what it does best which is to dish out damage. A general trait most French tanks share are auto-loaders with excellent burst damage at the higher tiers. Low gun depression does hurt the Object 430U since it isn’t high enough to fight on hills. Coming from previous lights you will stay in the same role but now with a gun that can hold its own. *Note: Reviews are done in the style of WoTLabs. It nose dive on soft ground, it broke suspensions, But they still proceeded with the design. Combine this with the larger 152mm 650 damage gun on the Object 705A and you have a hard to destroyer heavy. The T-50 has top notch mobility for its tier but is handicapped by low view range. But don‘t use it, as it is much worse than the 100mm gun.

Unlike it’s brother the KV-5 it has a low top speed which means ramming downhill is a tad less exciting but due to your size you can still pull it off if the enemy is immobilized. Most notably, why pack a 130 when you pack a 152? Play as a pocket medium tank, poke to get easy shots, flank whenever possible, abuse your high DPM and if in an open map, use your view range to spot for other teammates. Foch-Horrible grind, with trolly guns and trash side armor. Given that the game has over 50 complete tank lines that span from tier 1 to tier 10 you have a wide array of tanks at your disposal.

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