This natural, evolutionary diet usually provides all the essential nutrients a ferret needs.

Read our Privacy Policy. However, check the labels carefully. Many people called to complain and they sent out samples of a newer formula that eliminated chia seeds (which many people figured to be the issue.) When we choose to sell these items for less, we display the sale price only in the cart. 6 carpet sharks. Reusable sealing devices for Wysong Canned Diets. Not to mention the energy levels have dropped. This Item Is No Longer Available. However, as mentioned, it is important to know what type of protein it is. Stomach upset until switched back to Orijen. They also make good training aids when used in moderation.


I don’t know who gets more enjoyment out of treats–the giver or the recipient! Insulinoma is one of the serious diseases that can be caused by or triggered by an unhealthy ferret diet. Pretty disappointed.

This formula does NOT contain the chia seeds, an ingredient that was put into many of Wysong's recipes (including the original Ferret Epigen 90) years ago when they changed their recipes. By The amount fed should be adjusted to maintain an ideal body weight.

Mazuri boasts a high energy formula for your fuzzy’s nutritional needs. But that is sometimes easier said than done. I was so excited to switch our group over to this food after reading such good things, but it gave all of them horrible stomach upset.

This means that meat has to be a part of their main diet for them to survive and thrive. I started with a bag of wysong's digestive support food before switching to this, which seems to waylay the severe diarrhea problems that many have been having, though now that the digestive support isn't so expensive, I may switch back. This page works best with JavaScript. Lower quality, and often lower price, food contain by-products and other less expensive sources of protein. I thought it might just be due to the food change at first so I kept feeding it, but nothing improved. Wysong changed the formula up but if you go to their website at, you can read why ferrets transitioning to this diet get diarrhea and how to avoid it. Email addresses, URLs, phone numbers, social security numbers, bank account numbers, credit card numbers, physical addresses or other forms of contact or personally identifiable information. By Laurie It also has natural antioxidants for added health and immune support. And their stools are back to.normal, very shiny fur, normal and even better energy and playfulness. The key to proper ferret nutrition is the right amounts of: Vitamins and minerals (including taurine). Wysong is a name that’s been in the pet food industry for quite a while - since 1979. By Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in, Reviewed in the United States on May 5, 2019. I especially noticed after ditching this food and just switching over to blue’s kitten food being that the kitten food also has better portions of requirements for ferrets, and I will give them vitamin supplements with it. Also, because it is about 70% water, ferrets need to eat larger amounts to get the same calories provided by dry food.

And not too long ago, it was perfectly acceptable to feed your ferret a bowl of cat food. It also contains sugar which is never a good idea for your pet to eat regularly.

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Some ferrets did not react as all four of mine did (I find this rather odd) and your ferret could be fine. We have four carpetsharks: two at three years old and two four month old kits.

Cat foods are what many households use to feed their ferret...which has little to no nutritional value. on Aug 22, 2019 Another area to discuss when asking, “Healthy or Not?” is the subject of treats. Would you eat dog food daily? With this food they are certainly given a higher opportunity to enjoy their full, natural health. After reading your posts, it makes me wonder if it’s their food. Marshall is one of the more popular ferret food choices for new owners.

Everyone wants the best for their pets. Wysong since developed the digestive support formula, and I can personally say my ferrets do much better on this digestive support v...more on Sep 13, 2017 Content that appears to solicit or provide medical advice. These Terms and Conditions and Chewy, Inc.'s ("Chewy") Terms of Use found here govern your conduct associated with the Customer Review and Q&A service offered by Chewy.

One of the best things about this formula is that it is corn-free with added probiotics and prebiotics. Plus, a particular brand may have more than one type of ferret food and one may be much better than the other. Sorry, no free shipping is available to your location. Report, By on Mar 21, 2018 This Item Is No Longer Available. However, it does make a healthy addition to kibble. One of the best things about Kaytee’s Premium Ferret Food is that it doesn’t contain grains or fillers. Just as important, is that your ferret’s diet have very minimal amounts of: Kibble is preferred over canned food. We all love giving treats and it’s so much fun to see how excited our ferrets get when they expect a treat. Wysong Archetype is a raw meat food product that is freeze-dried to maintain freshness. Ferrets usually are considered adults 2 months after weaning and reach their full size by 4 months of age. You may be interested in these similar items: Our site requires Cookies to be enabled to place an order. appreciate your time and effort in sharing your opinion with other Critical or spiteful comments of other reviews or their authors posted on

Most are high in sugar or other carbohydrates.

As ferrets become more popular as pets, commercial diet formulas for ferrets have been developed. Something went wrong. Please read, this review could save your ferret from unneccessary digestive issues. Could I feed my ferret just this and nothing else or would it need to have raw meat?

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