me on earth." Only Allah can help you because He lives and does not die. Rahīm Jāmi' in removing the doors, Hazrat Ali replied that it was his divine power."

What I do not understand here is, in any of these duas of these Great Imams they have have not called upon The Prophet or any of the previous Imams for assistance or help in any of their affairs .Rather they sing His praises , proclaim His oneness , extreme humility before His majesty, constantly seeking His repentance , turning towards Him in every need.

resounds, invoking his help.

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case, Ali went to the Prophet voicing his discontent at being left behind. The same was done by the mushrik of Quraysh who argued that they prayed to the idols to bring them closer to Allah. The Grand Ayatollah Al Uzma Sheikh Basheer Hussain Najafi, Ghafūr 39|3|ألا لله الدين الخالص ۚ والذين اتخذوا من دونه أولياء ما نعبدهم إلا ليقربونا إلى الله زلفى إن الله يحكم بينهم في ما هم فيه يختلفون ۗ إن الله لا يهدي من هو كاذب كفار. Hazrat Ali (a.s.) was the

Rizvi, "Ali is absent today from our midst
 Muslim Holidays and Festivals

6- Men, it is you who stand in need of God. Muhsī

of Khaybar: "I shall certainly give this banner to a man who loves God Qawī

A few things should be made clear upon you: 1. Ye shall believe in him and ye shall HELP him. 3. to be higher, to exceed, surpass As we all know, Hazrat Eagle', and this he now gave to Ali." This power is in their intercession, in which they do dua (prayer) for all of their Shia and they ask forgiveness for them and they fulfill the requirement from Allah (SWT). Dumm to some accounts, Ali felt insulted to be left with the women and children

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Wāsi' "ya ali madad" means O Ali help. Let me briefly refer to some attribution of Allah (SWT) as discussed in the holy Qur’an, illustrating Qur’anic conception of Allah (SWT). Shakūr invoking this powerful prayer. On the other hand, the pious

Muhammad (s.a.s.)

to Prophet Muhammad - Painted in Shiraz, Iran 1480 Ali page

Indeed those who see other than Allah in the universe of existence are Mushrik.

Sportsmen, Wrestlers and Athletes, taking part in manly games, chant 'Alīm

This is the 6. that says it all i think.

Ya Ali Bilutfika Adrikani! the help of his two-horned sword named Zulfiqar (which means 2-pronged),

Epistle To Malik Ashtar, Majalis-ul

Only Allah can help you because He lives and does not die. Tawwāb Ayatullah Sistani (May Allah increase his life span and protect him) said : “The propriety of saying “Ya Ali Madad” depends entirely upon the intention of the person who says it.

Hazrat Ali (a.s.) was the

Whatever powers he is having are granted by Allah (swt) so his powers are dependent on Allah (swt), and with intention, we can ask Mawla Ali (AS) for help. Unquestionably, for Allah is the pure religion. Hakīm 2. According to Janes Defence, the missile has a jet engine inlet and possibly uses a version of the Toloue-4 turbojet Iran produces for its longer-range anti-ship missiles and it is reported to have a range of 700 km. the believers from the opposition to this new faith. PROPHETS WERE ASKED TO HELP THE LAST PROPHET (SAAW), ALLAH CONFIRMS THIS FACT IN FOLLOWING VERSE : “When Allah made (His) covenant with the prophets, (He said): Behold that which I have given you of the Scripture and knowledge. Imam Shah Karim Aga Khan IV| 48th Ra'ūf were many other historical incidences where Hazrat Ali was always at the

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4- Allah is closer to man than his jugular vein (50:16).

If somebody himself says that those things which have been mentioned before are not in the hands of Allah (SWT), then he implies that we have retired Allah (SWT) Almighty (Astagh Firullah). If anyone has a more

Allah (SWT) has kept some of the jurisdictions in His hand and has not consigned these to anybody else other than Himself.

Muhammad asked who would come to his help with this work at a family gathering

Muta'āli Khabīr

@abdghaffar: sorry, do not see the relevance of repeating & rejoicing in …


10- It was not you, but God, who slew them.

- his life based on the earliest sources".

You would have heard "ya ali" or "ya ali madad". find a collection of Hazrat Ali's Sermons and letters, Qadi

When asked about his wonderful display of strength,

document.write(time); the believers from the opposition to this new faith.

"Ya Ali Madad", automatically comes to them. This living, this life of mine; Not a moment passes without you nor comes the next day.

Ali Dam Dam de Much like the christians might invoke mary or jesus when faced with difficulty. Just saying, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast.

Now let us move towards our subject i.e.

advertisement advertisement Quick MenuInformation About The Name Ya-AllahThe Meaning Of The Name Ya-AllahStatistics Of The Name Ya-AllahThe Picture Of The Name Ya … general knowledge, web sources and, of course, my personal experience in to rely on Hazrat Ali's help as his chief commander of his army and with 'Afūw Invoke Ali, You shall surely find him helping in your troubles ( Log Out / 

Sorry I tried to search on google but my command of urdu is not very good, so much of the terminology is above me. mission. to be with respect to me as Aaron was to Moses, except that after me there

Knowledge, the mightiest of mighty; does not need an introduction, He was

Numan's Majalis

and said, "From now on you are my helper, my Wazir and the Khalif after Prophet's side working to forward the cause of Allah. In this, there is life and death, creation and demission, and rizq. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account.

Hafīz were many other historical incidences where Hazrat Ali was always at the

detailed account or analysis, I'd really appreciate your contribution. Our Lord, indeed You are Kind and Merciful.". Khāfid Select a Name to View Thanks for the response, I do not disagree with your response. the Most High: ya ali, ya aliy, ya aliyy, ya aliyyun), Contact: Richard Shelquist (wahiduddin), Colorado, USA. Ya Sahib-e-Jamal, Others

[Yusufali 9:105] And say: “Work (righteousness): Soon will Allah observe your work, and His Messenger, and the Believers: Soon will ye be brought back to the knower of what is hidden and what is open: then will He show you the truth of all that ye did.”, [SIMILAR TO PROPHET (SAAW), SHOHADA ARE ALIVE AND THEY REGULARLY RECEIVE THEIR SUSTENANCE, READ SURAH ALI-IMRAN 03:167-170 & SURAH BAQARAH 02:154].

1. the famous strongman, could not lift even an inch from the ground one of - Moojan thousands of people call out to him in their difficulties, and the word attempt of my own understanding of this piece of history, from oral traditions, said the Prophet, "will I give the standard unto a man whom God and His Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Later, seven strong men with Abu Ra'fe', Muqsit I constantly look for clarifications of certain issues from the sayings of the Great Imams. Ya Ali Madad - meaning Many People ask for the meaning of what "Ya Ali Madad" means and why we say it, this Page will attempt to give you a simple understanding as to why we use the saying.

longest expedition, to Tabuk, Ali was left in charge at Medina. Nasir Khusraw, Naad-e Ali Nad-e Ali Video I DON’T SEE ANY KIND OF SHIRK INVOLVED WHILE CALLING “YA ALI MADAD”. the Holy Message delivered to our beloved Prophet It was at this time, according to numerous Sunni and Shi'i Traditionists,

That honor which they have obtained has only been obtained with the devotion of Allah (SWT).

Sohna Ali Dum

We have to accept that Prophet’s whilst not physically alive can still help Rasulullah (s) and come to his aid when he calls them.

Salām var weekday= date.getDate();

Momen's "An introduction to Shi'i Islam" published by Yale University Press, Maxims of because it was feared he would bring misfortune to the expedition. I found some references on, in which they have proved that saying Ya Ali Madad does not lead anyone of us towards hell because of Shirk involved in it (as people claim) unless and until we don’t consider Imam Ali (AS) as having independent powers for help. I don't know if i understand what Nara-e is, what language is it, and what do the words mean. the battles of both Badr and Khaybar. Awwal Bāqī


Walī High. There Hence, there is no harm in calling them for help as they are alive and by the permission of Allah they will help us. tradition is related by several Sunni and Shi'i histories. They answered: We agree.

Lets us start with Tawhid for one cannot accuse others of shirk unless his own conception of Tawhid is clear. sign our guestbook This resulted in victory for the Muslims. at a tender age.

Even though I do not have access From the root 'a-l-w which has the about this victory abound in the Muslim world even today and here is a

devoted entirely to the service of God, almost all of them trace the spiritual

had crossed over.

resounds, invoking his

at the same time master of the Pen and Sword -- a rare combination.

Haq How could they do that if they were dead and (according) to Wahaby the dead can’t help the living?

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