I still get 15fps. A cycle timer is a mechanism to emulate time on consoles by counting each guest instruction executed and adding it to global CPU ticks. The constantly hard-at-work team behind Yuzu is showing no signs of stopping. I mean, sure, but it's not against the rules so the mods probably won't do anything. Now, install the first DLC pack's 3 NSPs and record that again: Your host GPU itself, be it NVIDIA, AMD, or Intel. ... Is there an ETA for the multicore update? Prometheus is the internal codename for this feature’s development and it is a total rework of three things: Prometheus aims to ensure that emulation behaves the same as on the Switch while matching the code with the Switch’s original OS code. We are currently stability-testing a fix for this additional memory usage.

Let's say a game has 1 update NSP and 2 DLC packs, each contains 3 DLC NSPs. While not all games will necessarily see this kind of gain, every Nintendo Switch title compatible with the emulator should now have more CPU cores at its disposal for rendering. The planning phase was all about studying our current setup to make it work under this new scheme. The already amazing Nintendo Switch Emulator has just received a brand new update which enables it to utilise multiple CPU cores for the processing, instead of just a single core. They always advance for every instruction that Cycle timers are run. https://www.patreon.com/BSoDGaming, ► Channel Donations This update is still the privilege of early-access Yuzu patreon backers for the time being, so this is an excellent excuse to become a supporter if you can! If you are a Patreon subscriber, the “Early Access” channel will be available to you, and will provide early access to exciting experimental changes on top of what is available in the main channel. Some times the game crashes on the first save (before entering max lair). It is written in C++ with portability in mind, with builds actively maintained for Windows and Linux. By fixing this, most of the games were able to go in-game and many of them were fully playable. If the timeout wasn’t reached at that moment, an SVC was called which paused the thread for some time and let the next thread run, effectively causing a yield. This was simple before because emulation occurred in steps and you just had to stop on the next step. Some used Fibers for guest threads, 1:1 guest-host kernel threads, cycle timing, or host timing. We chose Fibers over kernel threads because changing a Fiber is at worst 50 host CPU cycles, whereas a kernel thread can be thousands of cycles and there’s no guarantee that the host OS will start running it right away. For an emulator that mainly used a single, CPU core until now, this update is a huge milestone in rendering capacity, and most games already benefit from its inclusion.

This is the speed at which data is uploaded to and from your GPU and this varies depending on PCIe generation and allocated lanes. (public) How often do these things take to get to the public builds? The solution was that instead of exchanging threads on scheduling switch, we free the current thread and switch to an “intermediary” thread and then from there proceed to the next thread. the only reason for me to use emulators compered to the actual console is to take advantage of my hardware to push it so I can run my games at 4k.

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