Death Mountain is a huge mountain range found in northern Hyrule. Subseries warning: This article or section contains information on a subseries within the Legend of Zelda series and should be considered part of its own separate canon. Subseries warning: Subseries information ends here. The music that plays on Death Mountain is a remix of the track from Ocarina of Time. Main article: Death Mountain (The Adventure of Link) In The Adventure of Link, Death Mountain is found in the south-east of Western Hyrule, south of the Water Town of Saria only after showing Bagu's note to the River Man. Death Mountain is a huge mountain range found in northern Hyrule. Appears in The top of Death Mountain can be reached from outside the Goron City barrier, but the path is dangerous as the mountain will erupt, sending out a spray of rocks. Death Mountain has a Hot Spring along with a small shop run by a Goron. The Fire Temple, the second dungeon in the future Hyrule, is located inside the Death Mountain Crater at the very top of the mountain. Just as in The Legend of Zelda, it is inhabited by Lynels, Tektites and Boulders. The waterfall flows into a river which flows into Lake Hylia.

Death Mountain is found in northwestern Hyrule and is home to three of the game's dungeons: Tower of Hera in the Light World, and Ganon's Tower and Turtle Rock in the Dark World. The mountain itself seems to be active in different ways, as there are now lots of small craters that emit a hot steam that can harm Link.

Gor Coron asks Link if he can help them and save Darbus, and if accepted, Link can enter the Goron Mines. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Once Link cleanses the Fire Temple and receives the Fire Medallion, the dark clouds and the fiery cloud ring disperse, and Death Mountain returns to normal. The Legend of Zelda (1987) While not a dungeon in its own right, the horde of Daira, Octoroks, Bago-Bago an… Instead, the Rito race, a race confirmed to be descendants of the Zora, live here in dwellings cut into Dragon Roost Mountain. The music that plays in the Death Mountain area is a reworked version of the Goron City theme from Ocarina of Time. The Bouldering Guy can be found here after Link has retrieved the Message in a Bottle. Its inhabitants are often Gorons, but Ganon has had his lair in Death Mountain also. Death Mountain (デスマウンテン, Desu-Maunten?, ) is a recurring location in the Legend of Zelda series. This page was last edited on 18 September 2020, at 14:05. There is also a Great Fairy on top of the mountain, but the path up to the mountain is difficult since there are falling rocks that can damage Link. A landmark of Hyrule visible from several locations, it is home to the Goron race. As in other levels, Tingle's Tower will appear in multi-player mode. The spring that can be found in The Legend of Zelda doesn't exist in this game, although there is a waterfall and a river that create Lake Hylia. The Maw of Death Mountain located near its foot in Eldin Canyon is surrounded by Hot Spring lakes and Gero Pond. The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. There are also other geological features such as Hot Springs. MountainousRockyVolcanic Link cannot go up this trail until he has acquired the Iron Boots because there is a Goron guard that will not let him pass. In Link's Recovered Memory of Daruk, it is revealed that before the Great Calamity, Death Mountain was peaceful and had been inactive for some time; however, after experiencing a tremor, Daruk wondered if Death Mountain was responding to Ganon's imminent return. The mountain is inhabited by Tektites, Lynels, and Boulders. If Link attempts to go up, the Gorons roll viciously at Link knocking him down. Bludo and Yunobo work together to drive the Divine Beast away to keep contained.

Death Mountain from Four Swords Adventures, Death Mountain from The Adventure of Link, Death Mountain in the Light World, A Link to the Past, The guard in front of the entrance to Death Mountain, Ocarina of Time, Inside Death Mountain Crater, Ocarina of Time,, This section describes a subject that is or may be outside the core Zelda. Death Mountain from A Link Between Worlds. This huge mountain range spans the entire width of the map, touching both the eastern and western edges of Hyrule. Like Death Mountain, it is an active volcano however it is far more active volcano than Death Mountain is and is inhabited mainly by the Mogmas and Bokoblins, instead of Gorons. It is the third level of the game, and it contains three stages: Death Mountain Foothills, The Mountain Path, and the Tower of Flames. In Symphony of the Mask mode, the Temple of Storms is replaced by the Temple of Brainstorms, the only puzzle-based dungeon in the game. Level 6: The Dragon is also located on Death Mountain. This could explain why the localization accepted the location as Death Mountain despite being referred to the Dark World counterpart. As in A Link to the Past, Death Mountain is located in northwestern Hyrule. Another fact that supports this theory is the existence of Bomb Flowers that grow in Dragon Roost Island as well as in Death Mountain. The Lost Hills are located directly east of Death Mountain. Death Mountain erupts until Fyrus is defeated. (The Legend of Zelda)Level 9Spectacle RockWaterfall(A Link to the Past)Ganon's TowerTower of HeraTurtle Rock(Ocarina of Time)Death Mountain CraterDeath Mountain SummitDeath Mountain TrailDodongo's CavernGoron City(Four Swords Adventures)Death Mountain FoothillsThe Mountain PathTower of Flames(Twilight Princess)Death Mountain Hot SpringGoron MinesGoron Shop(A Link Between Worlds)Ice RuinsRosso's Ore MineTower of HeraTreacherous Tower(Breath of the Wild)Goron CityVah Rudania

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