window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || []; If a class action settles or is resolved in favor of the plaintiffs, those covered by the lawsuit – known as class members – will receive notification of the settlement. Terms of Service Fill out the Free Case Evaluation form and we will contact you to discuss your potential claim. This information may be sent via e-mail or regular mail. For more information and to file a claim before this offer loses its fizz on the March 19, 2019 deadline, click here. Certain Sexy Hair Concepts products were allegedly falsely promoted as being sulfate-free, leading to a $2.33-million class-action settlement. On April 21, the company agreed to …, According to, a former Olympic hopeful who sustained multiple blood clots and was forced out of the 2014 winter games is speaking out over the contraceptive NuvaRing. '&l='+l:'';j.async=true;j.src= Thank you for working around my schedule like Sunday evenings who does that ? The case website will continue to be updated as the administration progresses. If you hear that a mass tort case has settled and have not yet filed a lawsuit, this does not mean you have missed your chance at compensation. We have seen the device recalled and safety warnings being made in foreign countries. "itemReviewed": { Class members include U.S. residents who bought UltraMeal Plus, UltraMeal Plus 360, UltraGlycemX, UltraClear and other Metagenics products labeled as “Medical Food” since Nov. 9, 2011. All of the open and current settlements from every industry. The products include injectable medications, IVs, eye drops, pellet implants, nasal sprays, inhalation solutions and eye ointments, which were …, KABC-TV in Los Angeles reported last week that every year nearly 78,000 people end up in emergency rooms in the U.S. because of acetaminophen or Tylenol overdoses. The settlement requires Vizio to delete the stored viewing data it collected during the class period and the company must provide an option for TV owners to accept or decline the option of whether Vizio is allowed to see what the TV owners are seeing.

3:14-cv-152.) According to KABC, nearly a quarter of Americans are taking more over-the-counter pain killer pills than they should. Canada Dry Ginger Ale has agreed to an $11.2-million settlement over allegations the soda does not contain real ginger as advertised.

Zoll & Kranz, LLC have won several millions of dollars for people injured by dangerous drugs and defective medical devices, and a dangerous drug lawyer at our firm can represent you in an individual lawsuit or join a mass tort (MDL) lawsuit along with others suffering the same injustice. This means that you may still have time to file a lawsuit following a settlement announcement. These cases are filed individually. FedEx Office and Print Services has agreed to a class-action settlement regarding allegations the company violated federal law by printing more than the last five digits of a card number on receipts at self-serve kiosks. In some instances, class members may receive their portion of the settlement proceeds automatically – and will not have to submit a claims form. (As part of the lawsuit process, the defendant may be ordered to hand over contact information for all known class members.) "name": "Huge Shout Out! We reach for a pill for all of our medical problems,” …, Last week, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported that “despite major advances in research, between 30 and 40 percent of all people diagnosed with depression don’t respond to standard treatments.” According to the Post-Gazette, the failure rate for depression treatment is “unacceptable,”, and is an example of how doctors have a long way to go into making chronic depression a disorder they ….

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